Yahya Jaffery Donates Plasma for Coronavirus Patients

Yahya Jaffery donates plasma for covid-19 patients
Yahya Jaffery donates plasma for covid-19 patients

KARACHI: Yahya Jaffrey, the first young man to recover from a Coronavirus in Pakistan, has donated his blood plasma to treat patients suffering from the Coronavirus.

In a press conference with Yahya Jafri and his parents, the first young infected with Coronavirus in Pakistan, Karachi, Dr Saqib Ansari said that we were fighting on three occasions for the Corona virus, rescue, treatment and society has to end the panic and fear.

Yahya Jaffery donates plasma for covid-19 patients

Yahya Jaffrey was diagnosed with a Coronavirus a month ago, who donated his blood plasma, Yahya Jaffrey came with his parents. This plot will help save the life of a Coronavirus-infected patient.

He said that blood plasma is not collected from women, healthy people who are between 18 and 50 years can give plasma, and not every drug can be used, on some patients.

Yahya Jafri Recovered from COVID-19 Donates Blood Plasma

He said that one plasma can be use for only one patient, ninety percent of corona patients do not need plasma, only those patients who go to the ICU need it, Yahya Jaffrey is our hero he donated his plasma. We appreciate the courage of Yahya Jaffrey and his parents.

He added that the plasma has a six month life, the plasma can be given again in two months, we are in contact with the government as soon as the government allows us we will begin the process of transfusion.

Yahya Jaffrey said that on this occasion I thank to God that I was cured from this disease, Coronavirus will be out of date shortly but our efforts will be remembered. Take special care, if humanity needs me I am here to serve.

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