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There are many sites that got fame after certain events and their traffic goes to sky high. I have many but after the COVID-19 or Coronavirus outbreak there is one site that got a huge change in its traffic. The site was not that famous before this virus spread and increased death toll.

The site is it is no doubt a huge website but many of us haven’t heard about it. It is very simple but has a huge data in it. There is tons of information in the But now it got the fame because of Coronavirus as you type and search in Google the first link comes from worldometers. Basically you will find the current world population stats and many other statistics in the site. Stats and Coronavirus updates traffic Stats

The traffic of worldometers in January 2020 was 5,450,000 total visits and know in February 2020 the total visits have gone to 61,240,000 total visits. In March 2020 it will break its previous records for sure.

Now lets see what information we can get from this wonderful website.

Coronavirus Live Updates

  • Current World Population
  • Births this year
  • Births today
  • Deaths this year
  • Deaths today
  • Net population growth this year
  • Net population growth today
  • Public Healthcare expenditure today
  • Public Education expenditure today
  • Public Military expenditure today
  • Cars produced this year
  • Bicycles produced this year
  • Computers produced this year
  • New book titles published this year
  • Newspapers circulated today
  • TV sets sold worldwide today
  • Cellular phones sold today
  • Money spent on videogames today
  • Internet users in the world today
  • Emails sent today
  • Blog posts written today
  • Tweets sent today
  • Google searches today
  • Forest loss this year (hectares)
  • Land lost to soil erosion this year (ha)
  • CO2 emissions this year (tons)
  • Desertification this year (hectares)
  • Toxic chemicals released in the environment this year (tons)
  • Undernourished people in the world
  • Overweight people in the world
  • Obese people in the world
  • People who died of hunger today
  • Money spent for obesity related diseases in the USA today
  • Money spent on weight loss
  • programs in the USA today
  • Water used this year (million L)
  • Deaths caused by water related diseases this year
  • People with no access to a safe drinking water source
  • Communicable disease deaths this year
  • Seasonal flu deaths this year
  • Deaths of children under 5 this year
  • Abortions this year
  • Deaths of mothers during birth this year
  • HIV/AIDS infected people
  • Deaths caused by HIV/AIDS this year
  • Deaths caused by cancer this year
  • Deaths caused by malaria this year
  • Cigarettes smoked today
  • Deaths caused by smoking this year
  • Deaths caused by alcohol this year
  • Suicides this year
  • Money spent on illegal drugs this year
  • Road traffic accident fatalities this year

After this long list of information most interesting information is about Coronavirus. They are keep on updating stats and coronavirus new cases, Coronavirus death tolls etc.

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