Why to learn PHP | Why to Use Php

f you are a web developer and you want to develop a website that sells your products online. So it requires some tools to be made functional as you want. First of all you should have a web server to put your website on it. Then there should be and Operating systems to run the application on the server like UNIX or Windows etc. Third you need Software for the web server to run the application with the help of operating system. Fourth requirement is a database management system for the website like mysql or oracle etc. Fifth is the programming language for the website like Php or Asp etc.

Why to Learn Php | Why to Use Php

PHP is a complete and a full of functions language and it is supported by all the modern operating systems. So when you want to get rid of the tension of the server operating system PHP is the one you should choose for a programming language. You can provide better services to thousands of users on a relatively cheap server with the help of PHP.

Which databases are supported by PHP?

Php supports a number of databases to be use with PHP when developing a data base dependent website. It supports Mysql, DB++, dBase, filePro, Firebird/InterBase, FrontBase, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB and Oracle etc.

Many Built-in Libraries for Different Works:

As you know that PHP was build for the web so it has many functions for so many things. You can create images, you can get the services of web and network, you can send emails, create cookies, use sessions and create PDF files with just a few lines of code in PHP.

Php is a free to download and install to use. You don’t have to pay any kind of money to install or download it. It has a very easy to learn syntax. Its syntax is quite similar to C++, JAVA or Perl. So if you have knowledge of any of these languages PHP will not be a difficult language for you to learn.

Object Oriented Support in PHP:

The OOP or Object Oriented Programming is becoming very famous in these days. It is almost necessary for developers to learn OOP to meet the needs of their clients. Hence PHP5 included a complete feature of OOP in it and so on. It has all the features of OOP like C++ or JAVA in it.

PHP is an open source software package. It means that if you have to enhance the capabilities of PHP you can download it from php.net for free and can make changes as you wish. Zend Technologies is the company that is working behind the PHP engine. It provides the related softwares and full support for the development of PHP.

These are some features that answers the question that why to learn PHP

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