Whatsapp New Privacy Features

features of whatsapp new version
WhatsApp new features 2016
WhatsApp offered updates for the increasing of security and privacy purposes through which it will be impossible to hack or read any text.
With the help of new WhatsApp feature not only its necessary to confirmed an care action and account from both sides but it also need for the users to add number and six digit code if they want to log in from new device.
In November last year this feature was tested on a few thousand accounts but now it has been launched for Android, IOS and Windows. It will take some days to reach every user however users can receive this feature through.
1: Go to the setting page and select Account.
2: Click on the two step verification.
3: Click on enable through which feature will activate.
After that app will ask user email address and 6 digit verification code.
If password will be forgotten then new password will sent on user email.
If user forget password and two steps gone disable then WhatsApp will send a mail on the email address.
With the help of verification process in case of lost or snatch mobile WhatsApp account can be directly deactivated.
Although WhatsApp is a secure app, but the company is working to create safer and more secure this app.
Due to new security feature of WhatsApp to log in from a new device 6 Digital password will be required. The new feature provides an care action from one end to the other. It hackers and burglar will not be able to read user messages.

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