Whatsapp Messenger New Dark Mode Theme 2018

Whatsapp Dark Mode 2018

The most popular application ‘Whatsapp’ has started the preparation of ‘Dark Mode‘ feature for the convenience of users.

The company decided to change the current theme for those users who feel difficulty while chatting with the white background.

Whatsapp Beta Info told in their tweet that the Whatsapp messenger has finally started working on ‘Dark Mode’ and this feature will be available for Android and iPhone, under which users will be able to choose ‘Black Theme’ by themselves.

There are several advantages of this feature, such as in the night time or low light, this feature will not only reduce eye-catching, but the battery will also be relatively less used by this theme.

Currently the launching date has not been announced for the ‘Dark Mode’ feature, but it is likely that it will be updated very soon by Whatsapp the most popular app.

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