What is the Meaning of HTTP

what is the meaning of http
what is the meaning of http

What is HTTP or what does HTTP mean in computer science or networking? HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is used to transfer different types of files on internet or World Wide Web (WWW). Using HTTP protocols you can send videos, images, multimedia files, text etc. It runs as a request and response protocol. The user starts using HTTP protocols as soon as he/she opens the browser. It is an application protocol and it runs on the top of the TCP/IP protocol on the internet.

what is the meaning of http

What is the meaning of HTTP?

HTTP was initiated by the inventor of HTML Tim Berners-Lee. He used it at CERN in 1989. HTTP/2 was standardized in 2015 and supported by major web servers and browsers.

The HTTP concepts contain the idea that files can have links or references to other files as the “Hypertext” part indicates. A client’s web browser sends a request and gets a response from the server. The HTTP request message would be for an HTML file or other contents and the respected server sends and HTTP response message to the client with complete status information. The web server machines have an HTTP daemon which is used to control the HTTP request message else waits for the request message to arrive. The client can send an HTTP request message in various ways either by typing a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or by just clicking on a HTML link on a webpage. The message is send to the IP (Internet Protocol) address given using the URL. The HTTP daemon gets the message as a request and sends the requested data or request file to the client.

In short what is the meaning of HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol? It is a set of standards that allow clients who are using World Wide Web to share information found on website or web pages. That’s why the URLs start as https://www.howtocode.pk the HTTP part tells the browser to communicate over HTTP.

List of HTTP requests: