What is Platform as a Service or PaaS?

What is Platform as a Service or PaaS
What is Platform as a Service or PaaS

What is Platform as a Service or PaaS?

PaaS stands for Platform as a Service. It is a part of cloud hosting that allows the developers to make software applications or services on the internet. It provides the environment that the developers need to build applications on the internet. Users can access PaaS by simply using their browser from a cloud.

What is Platform as a Service or PaaS

What is Platform as a Service or PaaS

There are many features available to the developers from which they can choose the best suited for them and discard the others features. This is the big advantage to the users as they will only pay for those features that they need. There is no client side hosting know-how required for sophisticated development.

The customers have the support at any time with controlled infrastructure and applications. Updates take place regularly to the services with new features added and current features upgraded. The developers can have the assistance of the PaaS providers when they start an idea till the end of a software application even in the testing and implementation stage as well.

PaaS services are pay on subscription based with most of the cloud offerings but the clients only pay for the feature they need or use. Customers likewise gain many benefits from the cost-cutting measure of level that emerge from the sharing of the fundamental physical framework amongst clients so it lowers the costs in the end.

Here is a list of features that a PaaS service offering can have:

•    Hosting

•    Server Software

•    Operating system

•    Server side scripting environment

•    Database management system

•    Storage

•    Network access

•    Tools for design & development

•    Support

PaaS can be beneficial to web developers, software developers and many businesses. It helps developers to build applications and sell them online by showing it to the clients online. PaaS helps web developers in developing, testing and in the end hosting their websites. The businesses can use PaaS for their ring fenced development and testing environments.

Below are some of the benefits of PaaS for application developers:

1-    Developers need resources to develop any application so they have to buy it but PaaS allows them to just focus on the development process and everything else is managed for them. So they do not have to invest in physical infrastructure to make a software application.

2-    The development is made easy for even the ones who don’t know how to develop software or a website. The big example is WordPress blogs that are used very widely with one-click install feature.

3-    There is flexibility in choosing feature that suits the client’s requirements. PaaS allows users to pick features that they thing are required by themselves.

4-    Clients can change the features if their requirements change.

5-    Developers in a team can work from different locations on a same project with an internet connection and a web browser.

6-    Security with data backup and recovery is available to clients.

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