What Is Jquery Used For | Jquery Definition

Jquery is freely available JavaScript library. It is build to simplify the task of creating highly responsive web pages which are very important in these days. The one of the best thing about it is that it is cross platform and works across all the modern browsers. It abstracts away browser-specific features, allowing you to think more on design rather than how they are achieved. Jquery’s main focus is on simplifying the comment scripting tasks. It helps to get the page contents and manipulate them as you wish in the HTML DOM (Document Object Module). It is also useful to work with the modern browsers event models. It helps to add many sophisticated effects to your pages. For example fading, sliding a content etc. In most of modern web development scenarios involve common patterns like page loads. Then it performs a bunch of page setup and other things. Or some event will happen and Jquery will retrieve content from the page and manipulate or animate the content then it will put the content back in the page. With the help of Jquery it is very easy to handle. This is one of the benefits of Jquery. There are many benefits of using Jquery in web development. It helps to leverage your existing knowledge of CSS. The syntax of Jquery is quite similar to the syntax of CSS. This helps in learning the Jquery syntax easily. Jquery works with the sets of elements in a DOM. It really helps to make content of your page interact with the user. With the help of Jquery you can access every element of an html page to make it interact on user events added more interactivity than JavaScript. It is very powerful to make page elements behave on user events etc. It can perform multiple operations on a set of elements with one line of code. You can change colors, make them bold etc with one line of code for every element you want in the DOM. This is known as statement chaining. Jquery is cross plat form and works in all the modern browsers. It hides the various browsers quirks. This helps a lot in development because cross browser is a very important thing that a developer should keep in mind while developing a website. Jquery allows the developers to concentrate more on the end result than the cross browser compatibility. Jquery has another very important and good thing in it, that it is extensible. It helps you to use a third-party-plug-in to perform specialized tasks or even you can write your own code. Jquery is compatible with all the modern browsers like internet explorer 6.0 or greater, Safari 3 or greater, Chrome 1 or greater, Firefox 2 or greater and Opera 9 or greater. Browser compatibility is not an issue in Jquery at all.

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