What is Jailbreak? Jailbreak iOS Meaning

Jailbreak Meaning
Jailbreak Meaning

What is Jailbreak Meaning?

Jailbreak Meaning

Jailbreak Meaning

Jailbreaking is the process of acquiring elevated permissions over the apple hardware by removing the limitations imposed by the official software. Jailbreak iOS is similar to rooting android smartphones but a little more obscure. Apple is known to tightly couple its software with the hardware and more often than not, restrict software features commonly available on comparable non-apple devices. This is why jailbreaking might be a good option for a tech-savvy user. The most common reasons for jailbreak iPhone an apple device are:

Why Jailbreak iPhone?

  • Device Customization
  • Using the Device on Multiple Carriers
  • Installation of malware
  • Software Piracy
Jailbreak iOS

Jailbreak iOS

We all know how restrictive Apple products can be in terms of customization. If you yearn to have a more customized Apple device compared to the average Joe, then jailbreaking the device is the only option you have. Apple devices are typically locked to the carrier you got it from, which is fine for most people. However, if you travel a lot or just use multiple carriers, you will benefit greatly from jailbreaking the device. You can install malware on a jailbroken device, which might seem a stupid thing to you but it has some use cases. You could install a monitoring malware on your child’s phone, have your text messages sent to your email for safekeeping, have a backdoor into your device if you get locked out of it, etc. The most obvious usage of jailbreaking is to install pirated applications (jailbreak app) to safe quite a lot of money. The uses and possibilities are endless.

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Jailbreak app

Jailbreak app

An operating system comprises of a kernel and other high-level software layers. The kernel can be seen as the heart of the operating system, which controls the basic operating system controls. This is typically done using kernel patches, which exploit venerability and security holes. Due to the process of discovering vulnerabilities in new version of software, figuring out how to exploit them and make the exploits stable for everyday use, it might take a developer considerable time to jailbreak a new version of software release.

When the device boots, the kernel is loaded. This is the time when we see the apple logo. In order for the jailbreak to work, the kernel needs to be exploited each time we turn on a device. This means that there are lot of jailbreak types, the most common include:

Types of Jailbreak

  • Untethered Jailbreak
  • Tethered Jailbreak
  • Semi-Tethered Jailbreak
  • Semi-Untethered Jailbreak

Ways to Jailbreak

Untethered Jailbreak does not require a computer to make the kernel exploit each time the device is turned on. This makes it more complicated and difficult to achieve.

A tethered jailbreak does require a computer to make the kernel exploit each time the device is turned on. Without making the exploit, the kernel might misbehave.

A semi-tethered Jailbreak also requires a computer to make the kernel exploit each time the device is turned on but in case a computer is not available, the device can be used normally without any issues. Obviously the modified code does not work, but the usability of the device is not compromised.

A semi-untethered Jailbreak is achieved by installing a jailbreak app that is able to re-patch the kernel when needed. If the device is rebooted and the kernel is not patched via the app, it is still functional as a normal device.

Tools to Jailbreak iOS Apple mobile

Some tools that help Jailbreak iOS devices include:

  • Unc0ver
  • Electra
  • RootlessJB
  • LiberiOS
  • EtasonJB
  • Phoenix
  • Yalu
  • PP Jailbreak
  • Pangu9
  • Pangu8
  • Evasi0n
  • RedSn0w
  • Absinthe

Jailbreaking does void the device warranty and if you have a jailbroken device, Apple support is unlikely to help you out in case of any troubleshooting issues. If the advantages outweigh the complication and wider implications of Jailbreaking your device, it can be a very beneficial thing to do. It just depends on your usage and requirements.