What is Dedicated Hosting?

What is Dedicated Hosting
What is Dedicated Hosting

What is Dedicated Web Hosting?

A dedicated hosting is a method of hosting contents in which the server is only dedicated or reserved for a single client or a single purpose for example a single website hosted on a single server, now this website has a dedicated hosting. The other hosting method is called the shared hosting in which many websites are hosted on a server and the resources are shared. You can set up your own dedicated hosting server in your house as well.

What is Dedicated Hosting

What is Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting Customization

There are many advantages of dedicated hosting such as if gives certain freedom of control which you will not found with share hosting etc. The dedicated hosting owner can have the specific resources on the server according to the needs. So the owner will be spending money on the resources he/she needs nothing else that is useless.

Dedicated Hosting Uptime

Dedicated hosting provides you the ability to be alive and a zero down time for 24 hours a day. There are 99% high performance and stability surety to the clients and the owners of the business. The clients or users can shift to your competitors if they found you website down. This hosting plan lets the owner to have his/her website or business operational virtually 100% of the time. Hence the up time for anyone’s business is higher with dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting Congestion Problem

The problem of server congestion is very little with dedicated server hosting as comparing to a shared server hosting. There are many problems with a shared hosting such as the bandwidth usage, disk space and the CPU usage are the main issue but dedicated hosting lets you not to think about these problems. The other benefit of have a dedicated hosting is that if there is a huge amount of traffic on your website yet no other website or applications are disrupted by this traffic.

Dedicated Hosting and Security

Security is a big concern for all the online businesses including the websites. Dedicated hosting provides a better environment to deploy security measures. The owner can install anti-viruses and can put firewalls configurations as per his/her needs. The dedicated servers placed in a data center can have the benefit of physical security measures as well.

Support Dedicated Hosting

There are some dedicated hosting service providers who offer certain level of support as well. It is better for the website owners that the dedicated hosting providers help them in critical time and give support during any problem. The support is good for the health of a website 24 hours a day to be live and working properly. A good managed hosting provider will might give his customers 24 hours a day for the whole year.

One can find out the details of support levels and much other information in (SLA) service level agreement. All the information and an insight into the quality of dedicated hosting provider can be found in these documents. So be careful in choosing a dedicated service provider if they do not provide sufficient support.

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