What Is CSS in HTML Programming | CSS Definition in HTML

Often we listen people saying What Is Css Code for a Website? The answer is:

CSS or Cascading style sheet is a language which is used to control the presentation of the markup language documents (Like HTML documents). As you know that the HTML is the whole thing on which the cascading style sheet is applied. You can refer the HTML language as skeleton and CSS as skin on that skeleton. If a person has no skeleton, for the overall look of the body, the skin is of no use. On the other hand if a person has a skeleton and has no skin, it will make be a horrible thing to look at.

CSS is not a markup language like HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and it is not a scripting language like VB Script or JavaScript. So you can say that it is a style sheet language. It always has collection of some or many formation rules for a page or usually for the whole site. There some ways to put style sheets in your document but mostly they are included in a document as an external file.

The term cascading refers that how the styles are applied in a document. They are applied to the document in strictly the order they are found in the page. They are cascaded down from the external styles to local styles (inline styles). This should be kept in mind while learning that which CSS styles have more privileges than the other.

So by using style sheets you can change the look and feel of your website at any time without touching the overall structure (HTML) of the website. Cascading style sheets really help us to make over websites more attractive and efficient. It is necessary for all the learners of web developers and web designers to learn css on priority base to make good looking websites.

Every browser has its own default style sheet to handle the contents that are not handled in the style sheet by the developer. So if there is not style for a page or a particular element the default styles of the browser style sheet will be applied to the page or the element. So be careful while building a website about the default browser styles. Usually they are handled with a reset style sheet, because if you do not reset the default style sheet in your website than every browser will apply its own default style sheet and the site will look different in all browser who have their own default style sheets.

The browsers do provide the end users to override or even apply no css at all by turning off the styles of a website. This control is given to end user more control over the look and feel of the site. If a site is designed very poorly than a user can override the CSS in his own browser to get the desired result or information from the website.

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