Top 10 New Features of WhatsApp list 2016

features of whatsapp new version
WhatsApp new features 2016

Top 10 New Features of WhatsApp list 2016

Whatsapp has emerged as a de facto source of communication all over the world in the last few years and still getting famous day by day. The app is very popular among the smart phone users as it helps and provides a better way of messaging to its users.

Whatsapp is the world’s most popular instant messaging app. The updates are quite regularly coming to provide more user friendly and entertaining atmosphere to its users. The app has received a veer of updates in the past few months and still getting updates to facilitate its users.

features of whatsapp new version

WhatsApp new features 2016

Here are the upcoming 10 new and upcoming features of Whatsapp

1 – The WhatsApp call back feature

In Whatsapp v2.16.189 users have the ‘call back’ option in the app. This feature will appear on the app screen when a call is declined. The feature is only available in the Android version of Whatsapp and it is not rolled out via Google Play store. If you are interested in using this feature you can download and install the app’s APK file from the APKMirror website.

2 – The WhatsApp voice mail feature

Now users can send and receive the voice messages in Whatsapp. The voice mail can be recorded by long pressing the ‘mic’ icon beside the chat box. The feature is not yet available through Google Play store you can download it, if you want to use, from the APKMirror website.

3 – The WhatsApp Quotes feature

This is another very good feature that Whatsapp is going to give its users. With the help of this quote feature user can quote any message of anybody at the time of replying. The users just have to select the message which they want to reply, a reply button will comes after the message. Now users have to tap the reply button and type the reply and hit the send to send the message with a quote. This feature can work with a one-on-one as well as a group chat.

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4 – The WhatsApp New Fonts

Now users can change the text font of their messages. This can be a difficult and a tiresome task as the users have to put backquote symbol (‘) three times before and after the text they want to change the font of.

5 – The WhatsApp End to End encryption

The security is a big concern of users in every software they use to share private messages. Now Whatsapp messages are end to end encrypted so it is ensured that only the sender and receivers can read a message. Whatsapp calls are also encrypted just like the message it means no third party can listen to Whatsapp calls.

6- The WhatsApp Music Sharing Feature

According to multiple reports Whatsapp users are going to have a music sharing option very soon. The option will allow the users to share their music stored on their devices and Apple store. The feature is likely to come first in iOS devices.

7- Mention and Group invites WhatsApp Feature

Mention is another upcoming feature in Whatsapp. The Whatsapp mentions will work like the Facebook mentions and become handy in the group conversations. Users will see the name in a different colored text so the users grab the attention of a particular user in a group conversation.

The group invite feature is to help users send a group link to join to the group by just tapping on it.

8- GIF files Support in WhatsApp

The GIF file format is very popular in top social media sites. Now Whatsapp is going to add the GIF support to its iOS app very soon. The feature is added in the iOS beta version

9 – WhatsApp Big emoji Support

As apple has announced that it is going to support big emoji in the upcoming iOS 10. Now Whatsapp is going to support the bigger emoji in its app very soon.

10 – WhatsApp Video calling feature

The best and most attractive feature is the video calling feature in the new Whatsapp update. This feature is now available to Android users after updating the Whatsapp app.

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