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50 Tech Hacks You Should Know

Tech Hacks 1 – Turn your browser into a temporary “nodepade” by typing “data:text/html,” into the address bar. Note: bookmark and rename it as Notepad. 2 – Show passwords by changing the password input type…

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List of YouTube keyboard shortcuts

YouTube keyboard shortcuts Today the life is very fast and everyone wants to use shortcuts in every department of life. The computer or internet is the field where the shortcuts are used cute frequently. Today…

what is the meaning of http

What is the Meaning of HTTP

What is HTTP or what does HTTP mean in computer science or networking? HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is used to transfer different types of files on internet or World Wide Web (WWW)….

Benefits of technology in education

Technology Used in Education

Technology Used in Education Technology used in education has so much use in education and the regular household work in these days. Technology not only improving education it also a need for revolutionizing education for…