The Information that Google Knows About You


what google knows about you

Why Google is the number one company in the world is that it knows many thing about you. They know what you interests are and what type of things you like to search on the Internet. So see 7 links that will tell you what Google knows about you.

  1. Google History ( – It has all your browser activity record as what you visited and search in Google.
  2. Google Ads ( – It has your ads setting as what do you want to see in your ads. There are many categories you can select from and personalize you Google ads as you wish them to be shown. It shows your gender and age underneath.
  3. Google Location History ( – It has record of all the places from where you used Google to do anything online.
  4. Google Takeout ( – It allows you to export a copy of your Google +1s, Blogger, Bookmarks, Contacts, Drive, Fit, Google Photos, Google Play Books, Google+ Circles, Google+ Pages, Google+ Stream, Groups, Hangouts, Keep, Mail, Maps (your places), My Maps, Panoramio, Profile, Searches and Tasks etc. data.
  5. Google Dashboard ( – It is your Google Dashboard page where you can see that tells you about your activities on Google services such as Account, AdSense, Products, AdWords, Edit Blogger Profile, Manage Blogs, Books, My Library, Google+ pages, Photos, Webmaster Tools etc. that you are using.
  6. YouTube search history ( – It has all your YouTube searches records and you can watch and clear history.
  7. Google Permissions ( – It shows the list of the apps connected to your account and what permissions you gave to these apps or sites.