Smartwatch Specially developed for blind people Dot Watch Braille

Smartwatch Specially developed for blind people Dot Watch Braille

Seoul, South Korea: In South Korea the Korean Company built the world’s first Braille Smart Watch for the blind peoples. The message sent to the Braille dots are emerging in the exact manner that can be touched and read SMS.
In the world there are almost currently 29 million people worldwide are deprived of sight and read the Braille embossed on paper under way digital messages through this new Smart Watch they are able to read the exact same characters.

In Braille Watch the users can automatically set the speed and intensity of dots because there are 4 pieces of dots in the watch which raised and sit.

The software of watch is an open App so that’s why users are able to do minor changes in the programming.
Dot Smart Watch is connected to the phone via Bluetooth and take any phone, app and service (e.g Messenger or guidance) message from Google Maps. Then it delivers the message to the keys where the message emerging in terms of the keys and sit.

There are several sound related helpful tools to guide blind people. But it is necessary to use headphones for which it is difficult for blind persons to use the headphones and the traditional electronic braille devices are expensive and bulky.