PHP Language for Developers | What Is PHP Abbreviation

PHP is a development language which is abbreviation of (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor). It was developed in 1994. It was called as Personal Home Page in its early days but changed after frequent use of it. It was changed by Community Vote.

PHP is a server side scripting language. (A server side scripting language is a language that needs a server to be executed). It can be embedded into an HTML page. HTML can do a lot of things but there is a limit to it. For example to calculate or to build a database connection we have to use a server side scripting language like PHP, ASP and JSP etc.

PHP is the Official Module of Apache server and is no doubt the leading free server in the market. It was surveyed by Netcraft Web Server Survey that 67% of the World Wide Web users are using the Apache server.

A server side scripting language like PHP is used to develop a dynamic website. There are two kinds of website a static website and a dynamic website. In a dynamic website the contents of the page and the structure keep on changing it is done by programming though. But in a static page or website the contents and structure are fixed until unless a designer changes it.

PHP can be used to control any data base like Mysql, MSsql, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Access and Oracle etc. It supports almost all the data bases present in the market.

By using PHP you can make dynamic websites, photo galleries, site layouts, multimedia websites, content management systems, file management systems and many more.

PHP is supported in almost all the platforms like Windows and Linux etc. It is supported in 15 million web servers by an estimate. Its code is not sent to client by server like HTML rather it is first parsed by the server and then sent to the client in the form of HTML to client. So it is difficult to judge the code that it is generated by PHP.

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