Stylish Checkbox CSS

18 Checkbox CSS Style Examples

HTML checkbox is used to get a yes or no answer from a user in a HTML form. It is a form element. HTML checkbox is made by adding type=”checkbox” attribute to <input /> tag….

Huawei Honor 8X specifications

Huawei Honor 8X Price and Specs

Huawei Honor 8X 2018 Specifications Huawei Honor 8X one of the latest release by Huawei mobiles in 2018. Huawei Honor 8X mobile is being launched in September 2018. Huawei Honor 8X has a 6.5 inches…

HTML codes

HTML Codes

Basic HTML codes If you want to learn how to code in HTML you may have some questions in your mind. HTML stands for and what is HTML? Are the main questions about HTML that…

Samsung Galaxy J4 Core Pics

Samsung Galaxy J4 Core Price and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy J4 Core just released android phone by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy J4 Core specifications include 6.0 inches display size and a 720 x 1480 pixels dimension. Samsung Galaxy mobiles are outstanding comparing with its…

Oppo RX17 Neo

Oppo RX17 Neo Price and Specs

Oppo RX17 Neo has just been launched by Oppo mobiles in 2018. Oppo RX17 Neo specifications include 6.41 inches display size. Oppo RX17 Neo specs are outstanding comparing with its competitors. It has a dual…

Oppo A7 Price and Specifications

Oppo A7 Price and Specifications

Oppo A7 is the latest mobile set by Oppo mobiles. Oppo A7 specs or specifications are very good comparitively. Oppo A7 has a dual camera of 13 MP and 2 MP. It has a signle…

Nokia 9 Pictures

Nokia 9 Price and Specifications

It is always a craze among the mobile phone lovers that what mobile Nokia has just launched and whatmobile Nokia is going to release. Nokia 9 smart phone will be the new mobile launched in…