New Sans Forgetica Font 2018

Sans Forgetica New Font
Sans Forgetica New Font

Sans Forgetica | New Font

Sans Forgetica a new font that helps you remember it. Sans Forgetica is designed to help readers remember the read information.

Behavioral science, typography researchers and designers have created a font called Sans Forgetica. The specialty of this font is that readers require a bit longer reading the text so they remember it in the process. This font is created based on another font called “Albion”, but several changes are made to the original font achieve the goals desired.

Sans Forgetica New Font

Sans Forgetica New Font

This font is created by the RMIT University of Melbourne, Australia. Experts hope that this font will help students prepare for the examinations.

Sans Forgetica and desirable difficulty

The economist expert, Jo Peryman, chair of RMIT University’s behavioral business lab said that they have made fonts for the first time by combining specific principles of psychological ideology and design ideas.
If readers become use to with the font, they keep moving forward reading the words and their minds do not make word-related memories a part of memory.

Jo Peryman said, “Sans Forgetica works by a learning principle called desirable difficulty, which is where an obstruction is added to the learning process in order to promote deeper cognitive processing which results in better memory retention”.

Sometimes the fonts are very difficult to read for the mind. Sans Forgetica is designed to help readers remember the information they read.

In an experience 96 participants remembered the words written in 3 different fonts. They remembered 69 percent of the words written in the Sans Forgetica, while 61% of the words were from the other fonts.

In another experiment, 303 students remembered 57% of the words written in this font and 50% of other fonts.
Experiments show that the Sans Forgetica font does not make you an elephant like memory, but it definitely helps in remembering words.

Learn more just like a codecademy here.

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