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What Is Mysql Database and Php

Mysql is one of the very fast Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), which can be used for any purpose for any data storing and manipulation purposes for free. A database can be used for storing data, searching it and getting it when needed. Mysql provides a very secure and fast service to the users and can controls many users to make data more secure as the authorized users can only access the data.

Mysql is a multiuser and a multi thread data base which works on SQL Structure Query Language. As you know that (SQL Structure Query Language) is a standard data base language. Mysql is available for use from 1996 onward but it was introduced in 1979. It is the very famous open source database and won Linux Journal Readers Choice Award many times.

PHP and Mysql are very frequently used to develop database driven websites. There are a lot of websites which are built using PHP and Mysql together. As PHP and Mysql are open source and free to use they are very famous among the users.

Why we use Mysql and PHP?

The use of PHP and Mysql is to give a static website dynamic functionality. For example to build an E-commerce website you have to have a programming language and a database system to store data. This problem can be solved by using any programming language like PHP, ASP or JSP etc. and a database management system like Mysql, Ms Sql or Oracle etc. But using Mysql and PHP we have the advantage that both of these or supported in all major platforms like Windows or Linux etc.

Client Server Data Base:

Mysql is a client server database. We have two types of DBMSs shared file base and client server database. The shared file base databases are used for desktop applications like Ms Access or FileMaker etc. On the other hand MS SQL, Mysql or Oracle etc. are the client server databases and they have two parts. The first part is server software which is used to access the data. It is used to insert, update and delete the records from a database. The computer that holds this software package is called the Database Server.

We can install the server software of Mysql locally or on a remote server. When we install XAMPP development package or WAMP development package Mysql is installed automatically for us. Mysql has a command line client utility as well that is called mysql. It is included in the bin folder in XAMPP development package. It is used to run the SQL queries. There are other tools available as well like PhpMyadmin, mysqladmin or mysql query browser etc. These provide graphical user interface (GUI) to control users, databases and services.

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