Mobile Phones Insurance in Pakistan

Insurance companies in Pakistan
Insurance companies in Pakistan

Insurance is one of the basic things that every person wants to have for almost everything they care. It includes life insurance, Job insurance, mobile phone insurance and many more. Mobile phone insurance in Pakistan is very important for the expensive mobile users. As every day, a lot of people have their expensive smart phones snatched or took at gun-point. To cope with this issue many insurance companies are offering many insurance policies.

Here is a list of insurance companies in Pakistan or insurance companies in Karachi and see their insurance policies as follow:

Nokia Care and Pak-Kuwait Takaful Company Limited

Nokia Care and Pak-Kuwait Takaful Company Limited comes together for the common cause of protection of their valuable customers of Nokia for the very first time in Pakistan. Its basic policy focuses on accidental damage and loss of phone due to snatch on armed-hold up.

Mr. Jahanzaib Sarfaraz, Director of Global Customer Care feels that it is a way forward, considering the security conditions of the country so he has taken this decision to value their customers by making them more secure.

This new Policy is molded to offer the Takaful advantages to countless clients in Pakistan.” This policy availed by all Nokia clients now by means of Nokia Care Network from third September, 2013 onwards.

Momo Card Mobile Insurance in Pakistan

Momo Card Mobile Insurance basic aim to provide relief to those who are becoming victim of mobile snatching activities every day and to the families of these victims who lose their lives in terrorism activities in Pakistan and face accidental death

In just Rs 399, we can get a new phone worth 5000/- or add up this amount for the purchase of any new phone through Momo Card claim. Accidental death coverage amounted 300,000 will be given to the dispossessed member of the family.

Avail mobile snatching coverage in Rs. 399/- only. It’s a joint Venture of SMS LTD and Jubilee General Insurance collaborates with Momo Card.

Insurance companies in Pakistan

Insurance companies in Pakistan

TPL Mobile Insurance in Pakistan

TPL Mobile Insurance thinks about how delicate our cell phone is, and shields it from accidental harm or physical loss in case of theft. The coverage includes harm to your phone screen and repays us, so we don’t need to pay the bills. With reasonable premiums and quick case settlement, TPL Mobile Insurance makes Mobile security as issue free and practical as possible.

TPL Mobile Insurance is appropriate for cell phones purchased from at the time of Purchasing.

Samsung Electronics Pakistan in Pakistan

Samsung Electronics Pakistan has presented Insurance cover for its cell phone and tablet clients for the sake of Accidental Insurance and Tab Secure which has become effective from August this year.

The initiative is aimed for giving a message to the clients that connection with some worldwide brand names carries with it a few advantages.