Microsoft Visual Search feature in Bing for Android and iOS


Microsoft announces new visual search feature in Bing for Android and iOS

Visual Search also features text transcription and Math Solver feature.

Microsoft has announced that there have been a lot of improvements in the visual search function of Bing. If you did not use Visual Search feature of Bing yet, let us tell you that users search and buy from this feature.

Visual Search feature has text transcription and Math Solver as well. Math Solver’s feature has released for iOS devices last month, but Microsoft has promised that this feature will be released on Android devices by the end of the month.


Math Solver is a new feature in Visual Search. This allows users to solve mathematical equations, including calculus by just drawing it and simply pressing or tapping the math button between Barcode and Auto.

Text Transaction Feature allows users to search for text messages seeing in the camera. From this feature you can make a picture of a business card and call the number listed on the card.

The email address can be added to the contact list and can be used to visit URL.

In addition to this, Microsoft has announced that it has simplified the search through the image in after the users’ feedback. The visual search has also been redesigned. Image can be drag and drop in a box from computer for search.