List of Website Code Creators

There are many website Html editors (HTML code creator) available on web. The famous are the wysiwyg html editor. In these editors you can edit html and CSS and other languages as well like PHP, JavaScript and JQuery. Wysiwyg stands for “what you see is what you get”. Some of them are free and there are some that you have to pay to use them. Some of the most famous are:

One of the most famous and mostly used WYSIWYG editors is Adobe Dreamweaver. It is not free you have to pay for this.

Notepad is a simple html code editor that comes with the windows. It is not a wysiwyg editor. It highly recommended for the learners to start learning by using a non wysiwyg editor like notepad.

Notepad++ is the improved version of notepad. It is also used widely in these days. It is free to download and easy to use.

Here is a list of some famous html editors is:

  • ConTEXT
  • Coffeecup HTML Editor
  • Emacs
  • UltraEdit
  • EditPlus
  • Coda 2
  • Espresso
  • Sublime Text
  • Topstyle 5
  • TextWrangler
  • BBEdit
  • Chocolat
  • Textmate
  • ActiveState Komodo
  •  Alleycode HTML Editor
  • Aptana
  • Arachnophilia
  • BBEdit
  • BlueFish
  • Brackets
  • E Text Editor
  • Eclipse with the Web Tools Platform
  • EditPlus
  • Emacs
  • EmEditor
  • Geany
  • HTML-Kit
  • HomeSite
  • NetBeans IDE
  • NoteTab
  • PHPEdit
  • PhpStorm IDE
  • Programmer’s Notepad
  • PSPad
  • RJ TextEd
  • SciTE
  • Smultron
  • skEdit
  • TED Notepad
  • TextMate
  • TextPad
  • TextWrangler
  • Tincta
  • TopStyle
  • Vim
  • Web Architect
  • WebStorm

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