Jquery Features | Jquery Features List

Jquery features list is not very big but it has some very interesting features. Those feature that most of the web developers will be glad to learn. In this Jquery features list we tried to cover the basic introduction for these Jquery features. The Jquery features list is divided into eight basic categories. Keep in mind that learning JavaScript is separate from learning Jquery.

Jquery Features List | Jquery Features


Theses 8 categories are following:

  • Jquery Core Functionality
  • Ajax the Jquery functionality
  • Events in Jquery
  • User Interface in Jquery
  • Effects in Jquery
  • Selection and Traversal in Jquery
  • Jquery Manipulation and CSS
  • Extensibility in Jquery

Jquery Core Functionality

The Jquery Core Functionality is used to implement or it implements the functions that are the core of Jquery. It is also implements the commonly used utilities.

Ajax the Jquery functionality

The Jquery library provides us very useful utilities to work with the Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and Xml). It includes the functionalities like dealing with the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data and loading contents from pages etc.

Events in Jquery

This is one of the most commonly used features of Jquery. It is used to simplify the manipulation process of the DOM (Document Object Model) events. It also provides us the common event helper functions to use for more efficiency.

User Interface in Jquery

Jquery gives us an official plug-in as well. It has commonly used interface widgets. They include slider controls, accordions, progress bars etc. This also increases the power of Jquery.

Effects in Jquery

The effects in Jquery are also very frequently used Jquery features. They give us functions for building basic effects and animations. It includes the toggle, show hide or moving the objects in the page.

Selection and Traversal in Jquery

It is used to find content in documents with the help of its functions. It is also used to navigate among the contents of the document.

Jquery Manipulation and CSS

This Jquery feature provides us the opportunity to manipulate CSS properties. It includes many like the positioning etc. It also provides functions for editing or changing the contents of documents.

Extensibility in Jquery

It is one of the advance topics of Jquery. It is very widely used by the developers in these days. It is used to build the Jquery plug-ins. It helps the developers to build plug-ins based on Jquery with their own functionalities. It helps enhancing the base functionality of the Jquery library.

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