Importance of Technology and Education

importance of technology in education
Importance of technology in education

Importance of Technology in Education

Now a day latest technology is working for education, business and every aspect of human life. It has a huge impact on every field. Nobody can deny the importance education and technology in the modern days. In education, technology has done many tasks to make it easier to obtain educational information for classroom or homework assignments. It offers educational games that stimulate the brain and help children who have difficulties focusing on traditional teaching and learning procedure.

Education and technology makes a lot of sense and now there is the time when technical resources are needed. Through Internet technology, teachers can select the best resources which suit for their teaching objectives.

The technology expands the resources available and save the time which students spend on research or searching important and rare information. It offers powerful and varied ways for students and teachers to interact, manipulate data, and conduct research. With internet using Google, teachers and students can search any information and answers of their course related questions.

The technology give student’s online practice in the classroom by rapidly growing variety of thousands of practice quizzes and also Teachers provided thousands of practice worksheets to the students in the classroom in a small period.

advantages of internet learning

Advantages of internet learning

Technology also helps students to prepare annual assessments, standardized tests, and exams.

Due to latest technology, there are exhaustive collection of recorded lectures for learners on Apple, iPhone, YouTube, and other relevant Websites. It works to make higher education more convenient, comfortable and democrat.

With the help of Internet technology education doesn’t stop at the end of the school day because students have access to teachers, resources, and assignments through the websites, online tutorials and access these resources at any time. Students can also get help and tutoring at any time, even they can talk with Teachers and discuss their course problems through email or online collaboration and online summaries like Wikipedia and the TED Talks series provide a wealth of knowledge that is accessible to anyone in the World.

importance of technology in education

Importance of technology in education

Now mostly parents are busy in their work like offices, companies etc so sometimes they have to school meetings or conferences so at that time through internet. With the help of Technology in Education Parents can go to a class website and see what their child is working on, they can contact teachers via email and web sites and they can even check their child’s attendance and grades through online systems in their leisure time. They can also talk to their children from work via email and instant messaging.

Due to technology the students can create personal learning networks with Twitter, and other resources to find and share ideas and resources.

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