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How CSS is Applied in Browsers

In the previous post we have explained theĀ 3 ways to use css in html documents. We have explained the inline CSS, embedded CSS and the external CSS. We have tried to explain these through the…

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HTML Quotes | HTML Quotation Marks

What are the HTML quotes? How to use the HTML quotes? Html quotes are used to present data in quotes. They are of different kinds in different languages and by default they are treated differently…

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Heading Tags in HTML5

How many heading tags are in HTML? Heading tags are used for displaying the text as a heading in HTML. The style of the tag can be changed with the help of CSS. The heading…

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Mark Element in HTML5 | Mark Tags

What is the mark tag in html? The mark element or mark tag (<mark></mark>) is used to mark or highlight text in an HTML document. It works like as you highlight text in text editors….

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Phrase Elements HTML5 | Phrase Tags

Phrase Elements or Phrase Tags Definition | Why We Use Phrase Tags? The tags <em>, <strong>, <dfn>, <code>, <samp>, <kbd>, and <var> are called phrase tags or phrase elements in HTML. Phrase elements are designed…

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Head Section of HTML Page

What is the head section of an HTML page? In an HTML document the head section contains the information about the document. It has the title of the page and Meta tags which describe many…