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HTML tutorials

Types of URLs Links HTML5

Different Types of URL Links | Relative URL There are about 2 different types of URLs in HTML. These are the basic types of URLs: Absolute URLs Relative URLs Document-Relative Root-Relative Protocol-Relative (// Here we…

Anchor Tag in Html5 with Examples

Definition of Anchor Tag in Html5 In an HTML document <a></a> tags or anchor tags are used for creating links. These tags are called anchor tags because they can be used as anchors on the…

HTML tutorials

Image map in HTML | Map tag

Image map in HTML example How to map links on an image in HTML? In HTML we can define an image map. HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) provides a way to map images using the map tag…

HTML tutorials

Definition of URL with Examples

What is URL? |What is URL used for in html? URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is used to specify the location or address of a resource on the internet. The resource could be…

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HTML bdo tag | HTML bdo dir

What is html bdo tag? bdo tag definition Bdo stands for Bi-Directional Override in html language. Html bdo tag is supported in all major browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE), Opera and Google Chrome….

HTML tutorials

Html lists | List tags in Html5

How to use Html list tags? There are three list elements or tags in HTML language. There list tags are used to display lists in HTML. How the lists are shown in HTML can be…