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Get traffic from

Get traffic from

In the previous post we have discussed about how to increase link karma reddit for user. It is a very good and one of the best sites to get traffic to your website or blog. Later we have discussed about how to get traffic from twitter. Follow these steps and get more social media traffic from social media websites like,, and is a content curator website. It is a site which is made of contents that are gathered from multiple sources. It can be a very good source to drive traffic to your website or blog. It allows you to create board for your interests and share (scoop) with your followers. is free to curate your contents in this website. Create topics and save pages or posts and promote them. It allows you to be in touch with your favorite websites or blogs. It can be very good tool for getting information from top blogs or to get traffic to your blog or website.

How works?

How works is good question to ask. It works in a simple way, get your favorite post or page and scoop it. It allows you to create a free account as well as premium accounts. Create an account and then create boards where you scoop posts from any website.

When you create a board in it can be seen or followed by other users. Other users can follow your board and can scoop your post again it they want. They can share your scoops on social media as well.

Get more traffic from can be a great source to drive traffic to your website without much of effort. If you can write quality contents and can maintain an excellent board. Try to submit high quality contents especially from your own website or blog. Your contents will be suggested to the users who have set that keyword in their account, if you got followers than your posts will be shown to your followers as well. allows you to suggest your listings to others as well. It allows you to get your post emailed by using famous and more active boards. Other scoopers can suggest to others as well. Here we are going to give you some tips that how can you use for your website SEO.

  • Related boards: Create a board of your interest and scoop what is related to this board. Do not just scoop everything because that will not attract your followers so keep your scoops around that topic of your board.
  • Valued Contents: Quality is what can make you content get more audience. Try to make high valued and good quality contents for your boards to be followed.
  • Suggest to Famous Scoopers: You can suggest to famous scoopers to get their followers to see your contents, if they approve. Use the mailing list built by the popular scoop to suggest.
  • Regular Scoops: Try to use regularly to get followers and traffic. Your constant share will help you get more followers and traffic.
  • Tags in Scoops: allows you to add tags to your contents. Try to add tags so the users with that interest will be suggest this content.
  • Follow Others: Try to follow other scoopers so you get more chances of getting followed back. Try to follow the users with same interest.

One of the best things about is that it is a search engine friendly website. It allows your post to be searched through search engines. allows you to give you domain if you are a premium member. It will boost you Alexa rankings as well. can be a very good source to drive traffic to your site if you can use it properly and constantly. Try to get more followers, follow more users and topics and keep enjoying search engine optimization tutorials.

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