How to spot a fake scam email address

how to spot a fake email address
how to spot a fake email address

The email scams are getting fame day by day as the types of email frauds in a large number. Now a days the hackers are trying new ways that common people don’t even know about. Are you intelligent enough to tell the difference between a fake email and real email?

how to spot a fake email address

how to spot a fake email address

A national investigative correspondent says that it is very hard to tell the difference between a real and a fake email. Hackers are trying to copy real and big famous companies to get money and information about you.

My friend asked various people to tell the difference between a fake and real email. Would you believe it or not, majority of those were unable to tell the difference as the fake emails are designed professionally. So it is hard but not impossible to tell the difference a scam email and a real one as designing an html email is quite easy.

Here are 5 ways to spot email scams in a better way or email frauds examples.

1 – Check the spelling very carefully. It is often seen that the fake emails have spelling errors. My friend showed me a fake email in which the bank word was written as “bnk” etc.

2 – See the formatting. A fake email may have bad formatting, inappropriate spacing and bad sentence writing.

3 – Asking for update personal information with a link and attachment. If have received and email from a company or bank try to confirm first by calling them. Don’t click blindly on any link asking you to give your personal information. If there is an attachment in the email be very careful as it may be a virus sent to you via email.

4 – Beware of deals and prizes. One of my friends got an email of winning 30000 pounds from Coca Cola Company. There no attachment etc. and they just asked him to give his bank account number. In short what happened in the end was that they asked to give 400 pounds to get the process going onwards. So don’t give any kind of amount in case of these fake emails. The emails with last four digit of your account number are not the scam emails.

5 – Grammatical errors in the email. There might be small mistakes, like apostrophes in the wrong place or misspelled words etc. These kinds of emails are also likely to scam emails.

So hope you will get help identifying fake emails in your email accounts in future. If you have more ways to identify scam emails please ad comment below.