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How To Make Money Online

How to make money online” is a sentence that every internet user loves to know about. Making money online is not just an individual work anymore. There are many companies that are making money online and the money amount is not small one, so why not you? In this post/article we are going to tell you about high paying affiliate commissions to make money online.

The best thing about working online or making money online is that you can work from anywhere. You can work from your home or office or any other place it doesn’t matter. You can make money directly working from your computer or earn money passively through any affiliate program.

What is passive money? It is the money that you also making while you are sleeping, sitting, play cricket etc and the best way to earn passive income is through affiliate marketing.

Most of today’s affiliate programs are use on blogs like WordPress blogs, Blogger or BlogSpot blogs etc. There are many blog making sites which let you make free blogs online. The famous are Google’s Blogger or BlogSpot, WordPress and Weebly etc.

After making an interesting blog you have to drive traffic to earn through affiliate programs. You can earn 300$ to $6000 even if you have about 20 visitors per day. (You can learn about how to get traffic to your site in our Search Engine Optimization section). You have to use the affiliate program a bit smarter to earn more money. Here are some tips for you that how can you earn more money through affiliate programs.

Affiliate Programs Paying High Commissions

When you use a legit high paying affiliate program in website or blog (How to Make a website) etc. you can earn up to $12,500 per sale. There are some affiliate programs which are paying very high commissions on their sales as the products are not cheap as well.

These are the best affiliate programs that pay you can find. It doesn’t matter how much traffic your site is getting and that traffic convert, you got a big chance of getting passive money. You can get up to $12500 per sale for some products, yes it is real they are not small sites and the products aren’t cheap as well.

Here is a brief introduction for some famous affiliate programs.

  • is one of the biggest and most popular legit affiliate networks you find on internet in these days. You can promote your own products or make money with affiliate networks. It pays you on every referral up to 150$ per referred vendor and pays you 1$ per publisher and 5% of their earnings to you.
  • is an ecommerce website which can be used to make an online store. You can earn $358 per sale (200%) or 20% lifetime recurring income. It pays twice a month on 1st and 15th of a month to its affiliate partners. You can make your own apps or themes and sell them to make more money on Join Shopify through ShareASale and you can earn 100% sale commission.
  • is used to speed up your website as it is a Content Delivery Network. MaxCDN uses Impact Radius and Commission Junction affiliate network for its affiliation services. It is not free you have to pay the lowest $9 or you can start a trial membership as well. You can earn $20 to $12500 per sale if your referred customer buys more.
  • is another affiliate program that we are going to tell you about. If your website is made in WordPress and it loads fast you need to have a WPEngine affiliate program. It pays you 200% of sales revenue or $200 which one is greater. The affiliate services of this site are also managed by It pays up to $1500 sales bonus commission and $200 per sale.
  • is a hosting provider website. It pays you up to 150$ per sale on the promotion of GlowHost. You can promote unlimited shared hosting and it starts from 4.95$ per month. It uses to manage its affiliation.
  • is another high paying affiliate program. It pays you $200 per sale and $150 to $2000 bonus commission for performing well in a particular month.