How to Make Money On YouTube

how to make money on youtube

Earn Money with YouTube Channel

YouTube is the number one video website from a very long time. The main reason behind the success of YouTube is that it allows users to upload their videos and YouTube pays money to them if they have monetized their videos. There are many YouTube users who are earning more than $1000 dollars per month without any big effort. You can earn $1000 per month easily with YouTube. Follow the step to learn how to make money with YouTube.

how to make money on youtube

How to Earn Money on YouTube? It is good question to ask that why a YouTube user get money for show his videos. YouTube displays ads on the videos which are monetized. The user gets money on every ad impression. There are a few kinds of YouTube video ads. It has pre-roled video ads, overlay ads, ads after the video etc.

Here are some steps that how to make a channel on YouTube and how to monetize videos on YouTube.

First of all you should have a Gmail account if you have not got any make a Gmail account. It is very simple and you can make it a few minutes.

If you have a Gmail account, just login to YouTube with this Gmail account.

Set up and build your YouTube channel and add keywords to your channel. You can add keywords by going to advanced section of your Channel. Make sure that your keywords are relevant to your channels contents.

Make short names for your account it may help your channel to be memorized easily by others. Do not make too many changes for the channel name it might not help you.

What to add to Your YouTube Channel and How?

People love to see high quality contents not only on YouTube but all over the Internet. Upload high quality contents with a bit long duration. Long videos are allowed to show ads by choice and you can set the amount of ads on this video. Don’t use too many ads it may not help you to get more subscribers.

What to add to Your YouTube Channel and How

Try to make HD quality videos with the help of a better camera or by video editing software. Upload videos to your YouTube channel regularly it will help you a lot to get more views and hold your audience.

Set a good title that represents your video efficiently. A good title will make your video appear in YouTube searches and video searches.

Tags are also very important for your video to appear in searches. Try to make a good use of tags to give users a good chance of searching your video.

Your channel and videos will get more views when you get a good amount of subscribers on your channel. It will help you make more money with YouTube. Good quality of your contents is the key to get more followers or subscribers on your YouTube Channel.

Make sure to respond to the comments posted on your videos it will help you to get more and more subscribers easily.

How to Monetize YouTube Videos?

First of all you have to have a Google Adsense to monetize your videos. If you haven’t have a Google Adsense account just go to Google Adsense website and create an account. It is very simple to get Google Adsense account for YouTube. It will ask you some basic question after filling the form you will be able to monetize your videos. Give your billing option and payee name etc. and that’s it.

. How to Monetize YouTube Videos

It is very easy to monetize your videos on YouTube. Just upload a video and while uploading click monetize link or go to video manager and click the $ sign after uploading. It will give you more options if your video is more than 10 minutes to place ads on your video. First check the “Monetize with Ads” checkbox and then check the boxes of ads that you like to put on your videos.

After uploading videos you can check your videos performance with the help of analytics. It will show you how your videos are performing which video are earning more and which are earning less and many more to help you.

Share your videos with your friends on Facebook (How to get more Facebook like on Facebook fanpage), Twitter (How to get more twitter followers) and other top social media sites to get more views and subscribers. The more views you get the more you will earn from your videos.

Becoming a YouTube Partner

You can become a YouTube partner when you have reached 15,000 cumulative watch hours for your channel over the last 90 days. You can apply for YouTube partner at any time from your YouTube Channel. The YouTube partners have access to more tools of video creation and can win prizes as well. They can access the large community and get tips and support.

Copyrighted Contents

Facebook Copyright Warnings

Be very careful about the copyrighted video contents on YouTube. If you have upload a video that has a copyright you will be given a warning from YouTube and after 3 warnings, I think, your account will be banned. So do not try to upload any video from anyone else it may end up in banning your account for ever.

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