How to Make a Bootable USB Windows 10

how to make a bootable usb windows 10
How to run Windows 10 from USB using WinToUSB

How to run Windows 10 from USB using WinToUSB

Windows is no doubt the most used operating system in the world but not the only one. There are many features that Windows is including to provide its users more satisfaction. Linuk Mint, Ubuntu and Elementary they are the major Linux distributions and they have built-in capability to be run directly from flash drives. It helps you to keep your personalized desktop settings and files etc. within your pocket now that is amazing.

how to make a bootable usb windows 10

How to run Windows 10 from USB using WinToUSB

Now you can have your personal files and personalized desktop in your pocket with a flash drive for Windows 10 as well. There is a free utility program named WinToUSB that is used to install full copy of Windows 10 on any flash drive. The flash drive with installed Windows 10 can be used to boot up any computer that supports booting from USB flash drive. Now you can use fully functional personalized Windows 10 operating system with this flash drive.

The process of how to make a bootable USB windows 10 is very simple and easy. You have to have a USB flash drive with at least 16GB or higher storage capacity and a disc or ISO file of Windows 10. Now follow the following steps to create a portable Windows 10 installing with WinToUSB program.

1: Install WinToUSB after downloading from its website. Now when you run the program you have to specify the location of the Windows 10 ISO file or the Windows 10 installation disc and Click Next.

window 10 portable

2: Now after plugging in the USB flash drive in the USB port of your computer select the flash drive in WinToUSB and format the drive. Now after the formatting is done you have to select the flash drive as both system and boot partition. Click next and start to copy the essential files for Windows 10 to the USB flash drive.

Windows 10 Bootable Flash USB

3: Now the process may take some time to finish so wait a few minutes to use the bootable Windows 10 USB. After the process is finished you will be able to use the flash drive as a fully working copy of Windows 10 in any computer.

bootable Windows 10 USB

Note: When you run Windows 10 from USB you have to set up some initial setup settings. These setup settings include tasks such as user accounts, passwords and configuring network settings. But this is a onetime process once these settings are saved to the flash drive you don’t have to configure it every time.