How to Install WAMP Server

What is WAMP Server?

WAMP server is a development package very much like the XAMPP development package. It has a complete development package for PHP developers. It is widely used development package now a days. It is specially developed for Windows platform.

What WAMP stands for?

WAMP stands for W for windows, A for apache, M for Mysql and P for Php. It means that WAMP server includes a complete package for the PHP development environment.

Steps to Install WAMP Server on Windows:

There are a few steps to install WAMP server on Windows. It can’t be installed on any other platform except for Windows. Let us start the installation process of WAMP server. Followings are the steps that you will be dealing with normally.

How to Install WAMP Server Step By Step:

First of all you have to go to the WAMP server website link ( to download the package.


Download the required package of WAMP server from the website. When you will click the desired package to download a popup window may appear. Click on the “download directly” link on the window to start the download.


After you click the “download directly” link you will be sent to the download page. Here you will see a dialog box for downloading the WAMP server exe file. Click on the “Save file” button to start the download of the exe file.


As you have downloaded the WAMP server exe file, double click on the file and start the install process. When you will run the exe file it will ask you some questions or something else like welcome window. First of all the “welcome to WAMP server version wizard” window may appear in front of you. Click on the next button on the window.


Then the next window will ask you for the installation selection. Choose the desired destination if you want to change the default selection and click next.


After the installation selection the window may appear for the additional tasks. If you want the setup to do the additional tasks check the desired checkbox on the window and click on the next button.


The ready to install window may appear in the end click on the next button again.


After the completion restart your computer and run the WAMP server. It will be shown in the right bottom corner of your desktop that it is running or not like the image below.


You can have problems with WAMP server on your computer some of the famous are discussed below:

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By default the WAMP server uses the port 80 and Skype and IIS also use the same port on Windows 7 especially. So if this happens the ports are conflicted then you have to change the port for Apache server running with the help of WAMP server.

How to change the port in WAMP server?

First of all click on the WAMP server icon on the right bottom of your desktop.


Then go to apache > httpd.conf file and click or press enter.


The file will be open in notepad if not open it in notepad and press ctrl+f and search for “Listen 80”.


If the line is commented remove the comment and change “Listen 80” to “Listen 8080” or any number you can remember and save the file. Now you will have to access you files on WAMP server like this http://localhost:8080/site-folder/index.php.

Note: The versions of WAMP server may have changed at the time of your installation so don’t worry if you don’t see the exact pictures like in this post.

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