How to Get More Likes on Facebook Fan Page Free

Best way to get a Viral Facebook Community?

Facebook is the most popular social media site in the world now. It has billions of users and is growing every day. Looking at this huge amount of traffic people love to get traffic from Facebook to their website or blog. SEO companies are investing money to get traffic from Facebook so you can get traffic from Facebook as well. Famous brands and businesses make their pages on Facebook to promote their brands.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook Fan Page Free

In this post we are going to share with you that how can you get unlimited Facebook likes in a week for your fan page. It has to be carefully done without getting banned by Facebook. I assure you that you will get huge amount of Facebook likes when you follow these steps.

Facebook Viral Community

A Facebook viral community is what can make your Facebook likes grow rapidly. Just you have to get to the right community at the right time to get the benefit. Famous blogs like Viral Nova, Elite Daily or Upworthy follow the same kind of strategy to get viral community. They post fresh contents and get users engaged. Fresh contents are what liked by every big site like Facebook. You have to post new and fresh contents to get the Facebook viral community to like your page. Post fresh photos, post, links, jokes or videos to get users attentions. Post new videos without getting banned by Facebook, we are going to tell you how.

Best way to get a Viral Facebook Community?

People like to see and watch new stuff every time they want to go to a website. You have to post fresh and new contents to your page so your page would be like. How can you post fresh contents every time? You have to put new and fresh contents you have to follow some simple steps that make your contents go viral in split of a time.

Best way to get a Viral Facebook Community?

The Geo or Geographic location plays a very vital role as well. You can get targeted traffic easily from the Asian countries but it is hard to get targeted users from US or from European countries. You have to work hard to attract these countries to like and share your contents. Try to make contents that attract both the foreigners and people from your region as well.

You can follow the big pages that have more likes and they post new and fresh contents. Try to post in those hours in which they usually post. The time when they post more will help your contents to go viral with theirs.

Attractive Post Titles on Facebook

Try to use words that surprise the reader to get more users. The words like OMG! WTF! Or Wow! Awesome! Amazing! ROFL! Lmao! Or Lol etc. will help you make attractive titles. These words can bring users with proper use. Your title should more attractive than your contents as it is shown to the users to click. If a users likes the title it will click and see and might share it as well. You can use simleys etc. to make your title more attractive.

What is Mostly Liked on Facebook?

It is a good question to ask that what is most important content to post on Facebook to get more likes or followers? I think videos can play a big role to get more followers and likes in Facebook. Though pictures are very useful as well but you should concentrate more on videos to get users attention. Posting a video can cause a ban to your uploading video option but there is a trick to follow to avoid such a situation.

Avoid Facebook Copyright Warnings

My friend has a channel on YouTube and he uploads videos from YouTube to YouTube without any warning of copyright because he uploads videos that are not copyright content on YouTube. I would give you some suggestion to you to avoid the copyright issues in Facebook. They are not the policies from Facebook it is just my personal experience.

Facebook Copyright Warnings

  1. Download videos from the Public forums for your Facebook page.
  2. Change the downloaded video name and then upload it to Facebook.
  3. It is very important to change the title and description of your uploaded video.
  4. Try not to use any relevant hash tags in your video descriptions.
  5. Try not to upload any bad video like based on hatred, porn video, drugs videos etc.

Copyright issues and Solutions

Follow the above discussed steps to upload more videos but be careful that Facebook does not allow much authority to post continuous videos on your Facebook pages. You might get this kind of message but don’t be worried give them reply that you have right to post this video on Facebook etc and try not to do anything silly to get this message again.

Facebook gives 3 chances of this copyright infringement. After these 3 notifications your account goes on risk so make sure that you don’t get this 3 times if not less. Otherwise you account will be banned.

Best Contents to Share on Facebook

Try to get a best video to share your page. There are many resources online available like YouTube, dailymotion, or etc. Find what you thing people would love to see and share with others. Don’t even think about to upload a video to YouTube fan page that is downloaded from YouTube. Facebook takes serious notice of this.

Media a news materials are mostly copyrighted contents so be careful to share your contents. Don’t share big sites data like CNN etc. otherwise it will harm your account.

Share your Fanepage Posts with friends on Facebook

Share new and fresh contents like breaking news etc. on your Facebook page. Share your Facebook page contents on your profile and no friend’s timelines tag friends in your videos and pictures. Don’t try to tag strangers it may end up disliking your page. Don’t let the source of the video go with video that gives a clue to Facebook that this video is not yours. It may cause you some problems.

Best time to Post on Facebook

Best time to Post on Facebook

Make use of the best time to post on Facebook. Usaually it starts around 5PST in the evenings. The best days for getting more likes and shares are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. Check the engagements on your page with Facebook insight tool. It would be very helpful to you to schedule your posts properly.

Benefits of having viral Facebook Fanpage

The best part of Facebook SEO is that you don’t have less fear of getting banned for your contents. The Google Hummingbird, Google Panda and Penguin are the tool Google use to give penalties to poor contents that is not the case with Facebook. So when people like your contents they will be share it with their friends.

It is possible to get Google page rank for your Facebook page. Getting a page rank around 4 or 5 is really a very good for your contents to go viral. Your contents will get SERP positions and more searches as well.

Try to use tactics that make your users to engage and share your contents and tell us how you have found this article. For more please keep on visiting us and see more Search engine optimization tutorials on

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