Drive Traffic and Make Up to $750 From

Earn Money Daily By Commenting

Earn Money and Drive traffic to your website or Drive Traffic and Make Up to $750 From is the topic of today. We have discussed in our earlier post of 10 ways to make money online for free about a website called It was a short introduction about the site. Today we are going to discuss about this lovely website to drive traffic and get paid for your contributions. It is easy to make up to $100 per week with commenting on it is free and you can get traffic to your website as well without any charge.

Make money commenting on is a blogging community website and lets you to comment and post your contents on this site. If you want to earn money online for free it is one of the best methods to create money and generate traffic to your website. If you don’t have a blog or a website learn how to make a website. Otherwise you don’t need to have a website to make money from Here in this website you will find interesting contents such as how earn money, internet marketing, social media topics etc. It has more than 5000 members and still growing up.

The websites like are called blogging community websites and the members post articles and comment on the stuff posted by other members. Your article to reach the home page of has to be loved by the first reader who reads this article. When your article or post reaches the homepage more members will be reading this and after getting good comments and votes you will get good amount of traffic to your website as well.

You should use this website for both for website SEO and to make money online. You will get these for free of cast. There are no fake users or fake traffic it is totally genuine and will be related to the topic as well.

The most amazing thing about is that you will be paid if you promote even your own stuff. You can earn more $100 not per month but per week but it is not that easy. You have to work hard to share and promote your contents.

Get Traffic From

How to drive traffic from is your prime goal. The quality of contents is very important in this case. You just have to write a quality article and post it on to If your article is not up to the mark nobody will vote or comment on this. has a voting system called “King” so if users like an article they can “king” or if they dislike it they can “unking” your post. Your article has to get more “kings” to reach the homepage and get you back the traffic.

Earn Money Daily By Commenting

If you give comments you will earn money from your comments. The users are ranked every day for their comments and the first 2 positions are paid. You can make up to $15 per day from If you post a comment on anybody else’s article you will get a back link of your latest article with this comment.

Comment and Make Money Up to $750

Making money from is about commenting on articles and getting the first or second place. The user with most comments is given $10 for the day and the second one gets $5. The third prize of $5 will go to the most valuable commenter of the day. So you have the opportunity to make up to $15 per day so you have to be very good with your comments. is spending $25 dollars every day. It is gives $5 to the most active user of the week if he/she has not won any prize in the current week. Users are paid every week on Mondays.

So making money and getting traffic to your website is what you can get from You just comment on other member’s articles and after reaching the first place you will be paid. This comment contribution will give you a link back to your website/blog on every comment. Visit for more information about this lovely website.

We hope that this will help you make money online and will help you for Search Engine Optimizing of you website. We will be giving you more and more new ways to make money fast with Search Engine Optimization tutorials as well. Keep on visiting us for more new ideas and tips HowToCod.PK.

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