Dailymotion Upload Error

Upload error on DailyMotion

DailyMotion Uploading Error

Dailymotion is one of the very famous video sites on the internet in these days. You can make money online with dailymotion by uploading videos to your channels. So many persons are earning money online with DailyMotion as YouTube is banned in some parts of the world. One of my close friends is also working on DailyMotion and making about $120 per month with 2-3 hours of work daily.

My friend was asking me about the DailyMotion upload error. I searched and came on the conclusion that these are the main reasons for the Upload error on DailyMotion.

  • You may have updated your Web browser
  • It may be because you have upgraded the flash player
  • Any new pluging is installed or up dated
  • The file is corrupt

These are the main reason why some people are getting DailyMotion Upload error. You can check it by changing your browser. It means that if you are using Mozilla FireFox try to use Google Chrome and if you are getting DailyMotion Upload error on Google Chrome check it in FireFox or IE.

To solve this problem you have to use the older version of a browser if the error is because of browser up grade or use other browsers for uploads until the new version error is fixed.