Stylish Checkbox CSS

18 Checkbox CSS Style Examples

HTML checkbox is used to get a yes or no answer from a user in a HTML form. It is a form element. HTML checkbox is made by adding type=”checkbox” attribute to <input /> tag….

HTML codes

HTML Codes

Basic HTML codes If you want to learn how to code in HTML you may have some questions in your mind. HTML stands for and what is HTML? Are the main questions about HTML that…

Image slider JS

Best Image Slider JS

Image sliders are one of the most prominent contents of a website. There are many slider Jquery, slider bootstrap which give pleasing effect to a website. The best and most attractive way of showing images…

javascript operators w3schools

JavaScript Operators

JavaScript Operators JavaScript is a client side scripting language so it has operators to do different operations. There are a few JavaScript Operators used like JavaScript Arithmetic Operators, JavaScript Assignment Operators, JavaScript String Operators, JavaScript…

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What is HTML?

HTML Introduction HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the standard markup language used for creating Web pages and web applications. Every webpage has to use HTML to be shown in a web browser. HTML is a…

Sans Forgetica New Font

New Sans Forgetica Font 2018

Sans Forgetica | New Font Sans Forgetica a new font that helps you remember it. Sans Forgetica is designed to help readers remember the read information. Behavioral science, typography researchers and designers have created a…