Chinese Company LinkSure free Internet Worldwide by 2026

Free internet app
LinkSure free internet plan

LinkSure hopes to deliver free worldwide satellite internet by 2026

In the era of Internet and WiFi, there are countries in the world where Internet and Wifi services are not yet available. In this regard, a famous Chinese company has announced an important project for free internet access to the whole world.

The Chinese company LinkSure Network has said that it will send a 272 satellite in the orbit till 2026, which will provide free WiFi coverage to the entire world.

In this case, the first satellite “ LinkSure No 1” will be sent to the space next year, and 10 satellites will be sent in 2020 and 272 satellites will be sent till 2026.

Free internet app

LinkSure free internet plan

The company’s aim is to ensure an internet connection between satellites, which has been tested through “Space X” rocket. Satellite data will be displayed on your phone it will mean that you are online.

“LinkSure Company” has already earned a reputation by presenting the WiFi Master Key app. Now with the help of the Chinese Academy of Space, and it is working on satellite systems now.

WiFi Master Key Mobile App Free Internet

(LinkSure made WiFi Master Key a free mobile app to enable passwordless Internet access. This mobile app will show you a WiFi Map that will show the available hotspots nearby. The app has over 900 million downloads and 520 million MAU making it the world's largest WiFi sharing mobile app.)

At this time, four billion people in the world are missing internet access. Some organizations have included the Internet in basic human rights and emphasized reducing the difference between digital facilities in the world.

Although this is a billion dollars plan, the company assumes that sponsor companies and application making companies will invest in it. Advertisements on free internet will be shown and all costs will be made from the revenue, but the initial estimate of the project is $ 430 million.

Earlier the Google Project Loon also launched a plan to send WiFi signals to developing countries through hot balloons, but could not move forward. But after the Chevrolet project, hope has emerged that large population of the world will be connected to the Internet.

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