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HTML codes

HTML Codes

Basic HTML codes If you want to learn how to code in HTML you may have some questions in your mind. HTML stands for and what is HTML? Are the main questions about HTML that…

javascript operators w3schools

JavaScript Operators

JavaScript Operators JavaScript is a client side scripting language so it has operators to do different operations. There are a few JavaScript Operators used like JavaScript Arithmetic Operators, JavaScript Assignment Operators, JavaScript String Operators, JavaScript…

YouTube DOWN For Maintenance – Not Working

YouTube is Down for Maintenance YouTube is not working because of maintenance issue. They are trying to solve it. Here are the reports from YouTube’s official accounts. YouTube is down everywhere and users aren’t happy….

Panasonic Eluga Ray 600 Price in India

Panasonic Eluga Ray 600 launched October 2018 for India. Panasonic mobiles are getting fame day by day all over the world specially in India. Panasonic Eluga Ray 600 mobile is available in three different color…

Oppo K1 pictures

Oppo K1 Specification

Oppo K1 mobile phone is expected to come on October 19th 2018. Oppo mobiles are getting fame day by day. They have good specs and beautiful look. Oppo K1 mobile has 6.4 inches display size…