A Cancer Child Fake News on Facebook

A Cancer Child Fake News on Facebook

As a mother complaint about a post in which her child’s pictures are misused and shown that the kid has a severe case of chickenpox on Facebook and now Facebook is investigating the issue.

The fake post is shared on Facebook telling that the kid has cancer and everyone should donate or comment if they like this.

There are millions of people who are engaged with this post as it was posted in the starting days of Feb 2017.

A security master cautioned these users that they might now be targeted the scammers.

Photos of child with chickenpox used in Facebook fake cancer scam

Photos of child with chickenpox used in Facebook fake cancer scam

Sarah Allen the resident of St Neots, Cambridgeshire has given an interview in August 2016, after then her two-year-old son Jasper was roofed head-to-feet in aching after constricting the virus.

The pictures are stolen from the article telling about his illness to create as fake new on Facebook as Sarah Allen believes.

Sarah Allen says, “We were warned people might take his pictures… because if you Google chickenpox his pictures are there

So, we were well aware that might happen, but not in this respect, to say he had cancer.

Photos of child with chickenpox used in Facebook fake cancer scam

She told that she gave messages to Facebook about the copyrighted material used and she succeeded and the account was deleted on Feb 10. The Facebook then informed her that the account culprit was removed.

But the sad news is this that it was shortly back online without any reason.

That profile has posted images of many other kids as well.

Different posts from this account which cases to have a place with Pooran Singh demonstrate pictures of youngsters in healing facility asserting the watcher will encounter years of misfortune on the off chance that they look down without liking and sharing.

Allen said that there are more than 100 pictures of families not just her son’s photos which is quite a concern.

Further Allen said that Facebook needed to take action. She was told that was removed but within 24 hours that was back again.

Jasper Allen was two when the photographs were taken and he recovered from. She tried to get answer from the account holder who posted these photos but she did not get any response.

A security blogger said that it appears to be a case of “Link Farming”. This can be used to get people interact with the post on Facebook and then they message them or anything they want to sell etc. on the profile and to all of its friends and contacts.

There are many scam techniques going around making money on Facebook and this is one of these scams.

There are many scam post like this saying, after you liked or comment etc, that you have won a prize give us your phone number and give personal information.

“The problem is that people just believe things that are posted online, and they need to be a lot more careful about what they like and share.”

Facebook has declined to give any comment on the issue as they are reviewing it with the complaint team.


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