5 reddit tools increase link/comment karma

How to increase link karam reddit

What is reddit.com?

How to increase link karam reddit

Today we are going to tell you about one the most famous website on the internet. It is called Reddit or also called “The front page of Internet”. It is an online community discussion site on various topics of your choice. It has everything to discuss for everyone. It is very famous and can be huge traffic source for good content site.

Many website and SEO experts drive thousands of users to their site from reddit.com. When you first go to this site and try to get traffic you will feel that it is really hard. Today we are going to discuss some methods that are useful for you to drive traffic to your site.

Reddit is working in a simple way. You have to keep in mind that it is not a social media site it is an Online Community Board where real humans are interaction with each other. In this site user can create his own categories or can submit a post or give comment in many Reddit categories of his choice. The submissions are then up voted or down voted by the community members and then the algorithm will decide the hot submissions to be on the front page.

Every user has its own front page per his choice of subreddit subscriptions. Non registered user sees a standard front page on reddit.com. Reddit has millions of users every day. Here is a brief picture of Reddit traffic taken a long time ago.


Tools to benefit the power of reddit

Reddit is famous online community site that can help you bring users to your brand or site. The question is that how can you benefit from the traffic acquisition of Reddit. Here we are going to share with you 5 tools to increase reddit benefits. In this site you have to make a research before posting anything otherwise you will be banned and not much of benefit you will get.

1.- Searchreddit.com

This site is a search engine that is powered by Google custom search and is one of the biggest advantages for searching what reddit users are liking. It will tell you about the last successful submissions of reddtitors. Search in this search engine that what will please redditors before posting on reddit.com.

2.- Redective.com

Redective.com is another tool that can help you using Reddit with great effect. You can get bright ideas from this site and it will help as you can copy any successful redditor.

  • In this site you can search for a particular user and get its stats. They will be very helpful to promote yourself on Reddit. It will tell you that how much time is spent, subreddits are used etc. by this user.
  • It lets you to search for the subreddits which contains posts that are shown on the front page of reddit.
  • You can search a subreddit here to benefit from it.


3.- Redditlist.com

This tool is amazing as it gives you the lists of the most popular things on Reddit. It will show you

  • 125 most growing subreddits
  • 125 subreddits with most subscribers
  • 125 most active subreddits

in the last the last 24 hours.

4.- subreddits.org

In this wonderful site you can get subreddits of Reddit listed in categories. It contains over 3000 subreddits that are listed by categories. It helps you to get your favorite category and start discussion by joining it. It is very important to submit your post to the most suitable subreddit otherwise you will not get any benefit from it so use this tool to get to your subreddit.

5.- redditlater.com

It is called the buffer for Reddit. You will see that many post get most votes in no time after the submission. Now the time of the post matters a lot in Reddit to get most votes. So you have to find the right hour when most active redditors are online.

Redditlater.com or Reddit buffer allows you to schedule a post like WordPress one per week to be sent at what time you prefer. It is really very helpful tool to make use of the most users online on Reddit.

Hope you would find this post helpful we will give you more tips on other SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in upcoming posts. Thanks.

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