5 Best Advertisers Make Money on Twitter

Earn Money on Twitter

There are many ways to make money online and we have discussed various with you here on HowToCode.PK. Today we are going to discuss with that how to make money with twitter. Twitter is one of the top social media sites in these days. Learn how to monetize your Twitter account today. You can get more traffic from Twitter to your blog/website as well. Check how to get traffic from twitter? Get more followers and traffic to user website/blog as well.

Earn Money on Twitter

How to Make Money Online on Twitter?

In Twitter you make followers and followers are the key to your success in Twitter. The more followers you have the more you can share your contents. The ad networks have their own specifications for having minimum number of followers to get ads. You have to have good amount of followers so you can ask for every tweet you post on twitter as a publisher.

Your type of account plays a big role in getting the same type of advertisers. You may be selected by the advertisers who want your type of account for their ads. So the type of account is another big factor in getting advertisements.

Twitter Advertising Platforms Earn Money

Here are some top advertisers for you Twitter account. These allow you to make money one twitter by tweeting. We have tried to give a brief introduction of these famous Twitter advertisers.

Sponsored Tweets

Sponseredtweets.com: It is a Twitter advertizing service. The advertisers can make message, suggestion and after making they can send it to the publishers. These messages and suggestions are sent to those publishers who are the budget range of the advertiser.

The tweets which are sent to the publishers will customize these tweets and will send them back to the advertiser. After the approval of the advertiser the tweet will be scheduled for posting. The time frame is set by the advertiser for the tweet. When the tweet is share the on Twitter the publisher will get his money. You as a publisher can set an amount to receive per tweet. The advertisers bid on this amount and you would be selected on biding.


Make Money with Ad.ly on Twitter

Ad.ly: It is an advertisement service that allows the advertisers to select any publisher for Myspace, Facebook and Twitter as well. In this ad service publishers can approve ads to show to their friend and followers. So it is a very good tool for you to just select most appropriate ads for you followers.


Be-a-magpie.com: It is another very popular ad program as its publishers have crossed 19 million users on Twitter. The best function is that it allows the publishers to pre-approve ads. Publishers can set up specific number of ads that they want to show in a specific time.


Twittad.com: It is one another very good Twitter advertisement site. It gets the information from the twellow.com and gives this to the advertisers to select the most appropriate publisher for their niche. This site pays its publishers every 10 days after the amount reached to 30$ or more. It pays this money through PayPal.


Twitpub.com: It allows you to buy or sell premium tweets for Twitter. It another very good ad service and it has videos to show you that how they work. See more on their website that how they pay and so on. It has shown various reviews about their site by one the biggest in the business like CNET etc.

Make money online on Twitter

You can get more information about any of this advertisement services by going to their respective website. Find their blogs or visit FAQs page etc. to know more about these advertisers.

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