April 2015

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CSS Selectors Cheat Sheet Syntax

In this post we are going to discuss a number of CSS selector types. You are going to find examples and explanations about CSS class selectors, CSS selectors multiple classes, CSS attribute selectors, CSS selectors…

HTML tutorials

HTML Quotes | HTML Quotation Marks

What are the HTML quotes? How to use the HTML quotes? Html quotes are used to present data in quotes. They are of different kinds in different languages and by default they are treated differently…

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Php tags | Tags used for PHP

Php is a server side language. It runs on a server. But how we can use the PHP code in our pages is a question for a PHP learner. If you want to run PHP…

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Why to learn PHP | Why to Use Php

f you are a web developer and you want to develop a website that sells your products online. So it requires some tools to be made functional as you want. First of all you should…

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How to Install WAMP Server

What is WAMP Server? WAMP server is a development package very much like the XAMPP development package. It has a complete development package for PHP developers. It is widely used development package now a days….

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How to install XAMPP in windows

What XAMPP stands for? XAMPP stands for or is a short form of X stands for (is a cross, it means it is a cross-platform package), A stands for (Apache Server), M stands for (Mysql),…