20 Unique Ways to Make Extra Money

Make Money from Selfies

Today we are going to share with you 20 Unique Ways to Make Extra Money or how to make money online for free. We have discussed many ways to earn money online from home. We are trying to give you more and more ways to earn money fast and without putting much effort.

In one of our past post we have shared 10 ways to make money online. We are going to share another similar post today but with new ideas. These are new ideas shared by people working online and making money for a long time.

20 Creative Ideas to Make Money Online

1- Watch Videos and Earn Money (US Only)?

You would have read about how to make money from YouTube and how to earn money from DailyMotion but here is another website that pays you when you watch videos on their website. If you are fond of watching videos online then why not make money while watching your favorite videos online.

Watch videos and make money

Why it pays to users watching the videos? There are ads on the videos and when you see the ad they pay for watching the ads. It is not giving you huge money to make but you can make money while watching videos and spending your time. If you sign up in this website you will get $5 for signing up.

The site is called InboxDollars.com, go and make an account by signing up in this lovely website. Visit their website for more information and details.

2- Earn Money Online From SwagBucks

Swagbucks.com is another very good website to make money online without much of effort. They have paid over $91 million to their user till now. Here you can earn money by playing game or give answer or give feedback as well. You can make cash, get gift cards or can get other rewards on this website. You can participate and talk about surveys or can give your feedback about a website etc. They pay you by trading in old books and video games. So it is a website where you can make money in various ways.

 Earn Money Online From SwagBucks

You can get instant $5 bonus when you sing up to this website. So don’t waste time just register to this website and start making money online fast. You can check their website for more information.

3- Scan Bar codes and Earn Money

National Consumer Panel (NCP) is a program that pays you when you make pictures and give details of your purchased groceries by using their Smartphone app. It gets information from people and helps manufacturers to make products with the help of these stats. So if you send pictures of your purchased groceries to NCP you will get points and will be paid on the bases of these points in the end.

Make money from taking pictures

When you sign up with NCP you are given the access to the Smartphone App. Now by using their Smartphone App you have to scan the bar codes. They will ask you about more information about where you have purchased these things and how much you paid for this etc. In this way you will get points and these points earn you money at the end. Visit their website for more information and details Confirmit.ssisurveys.com.

4- Earn Money from Smartphone App

Android apps are very famous these days and there are thousands of apps that are coming every day. SmartPanel is an Android app that pays you when you install this app and it pays more if you keep it installed every month. When you install SmartPanel you get $5 for the first time after installation and $5 every month if you keep it installed in you mobile.

 Earn Money Online From SwagBucks

It pays and it collects anonymous usage data from your mobile phone. So if you want to make money with this app just sign up and remain it installed to earn money. You will be paid via PayPal or with Amazon gift cards.

5- Test Websites and Get Paid

UserTesting.com is another website from which you can make money. It pays you for testing websites and giving feedback. You test a website and give feedback about the usability of the website and they pay you for this.

get paid for testing websites

Sign up and give answers of the questions about a particular website. Give your opinion about the website whether it is good or bad and what you think is not clear etc. and you will be paid for this. You have to be 18+ to sign up to earn from this website. It pays you about $10-$15 per test and the tests are normally about 20 minutes long. You can watch videos for more information on YouTube or visit their website.

6- Earn Money with Freebie Trading

Freebie trading is one the ways to earn money online. There are many freebie trading users who have made more than $1500 per month with 3 to 4 hours of work. It is simple to understand that how freebie trading works. There are many companies willing to pay to the users who want to use their products for trial. The companies are trying to make customers with this technique.

Make money with Freebie Trading

It is easy and affordable to make money with freebie trading. You just sign up for offers like emusic.com, Discover Card or Netflix trial and earn money. After joining the freebie trial you have to keep count of days and cancel before the end of trial. It is very important to cancel it before the trial ends.

See Project Payday for more details and search for freebie trials. It is a job that needs you to be very detailed oriented otherwise we recommend you to look for other ways to earn money online.


7- Make Money by Selling Your Closet

ThredUp.com is a website that allows you to sell your closet online and get money. It pays you from $2-$25 for you items from Banana republic or Gap etc. Visit the site and check out what are the items that you can sell on this website.

Make Money by Selling Your Closet

The best thing about ThredUp.com is that you don’t have to pay even the shipping payment as you have to ship your closets to them. Just you have to pack all the stuff in a box and ship it to ThredUp.com and that is it.

Visit the site for more information about how it works.

8- Make Selfies and Make Money

Every day when you sing in to Facebook or other social media website you would see many selfies. People love to take selfies and want to share them with their friends. What if you get paid for taking your selfies and uploading it to Stylinity.com. It is cool and every one would love to make money in this way.

Make Money from Selfies

Stylinity.com is a website that pays you for taking selfies of your outfit. So when every you wear a new outfit take some selfies and get paid. It pays $10 to you when you sign up as bonus. After taking selfies of your outfit give some tags with the product information. If someone likes you outfit and wants to buy the product and clicks the buy button you will be paid. Visit the website for more details about how it works.

9- Make Money from eBay

eBay.com is one of the biggest ecommerce websites around the world in these days. You can sell your own stuff one eBay.com or sell others stuff and get 50% commission. It is really a very interesting and easy way to make money online with eBay. Sign up and try selling your own products and earn money or sell others products and get commission. Visit eBay.com for more details and information.

Make Money from eBay

10- Do Laundry and Earn Money

It is very hard to maintain your activities in this busy life. There are families which are so busy that they even have no time to buy laundry for them. So you can do laundry for these kind of families or people and get paid.


LaundryCare.biz is a website that pays you if you do laundry on the website. It is gives you instructions and tools to make money online with doing laundry. Visit the site and learn more how you can make money from home.

11- Make Money with GigWalk App

Gigwalk is an iPhone from which you can make money online. It is another very good way to earn money online with an iPhone App. It pays when you complete some tasks based on you location. So you have to give some information specific to your location to get paid.

Make Money with GigWalk App

You may have to take some pictures of hotels or verify roadblocks or similar simple tasks. You can earn more if you are in a big city where there are many restaurants or hotels etc.

12- Earn Money from Twitter

Twitter is one of the most famous social media websites in these days. There are many of you who are using Twitter on daily bases. You can make money with Twitter from your home. It is very easy and you can make a huge amount of money with Twitter. Advertisers pay you for sharing their tweet on Twitter. Visit sponsoredTweets.com or see our post of 5 Best Advertisers Make Money on Twitter for more details.

Make money online on Twitter

13- Make Money with Tuition

Online tutors are making huge money by giving tuition. Many website offers online tuitions for kids why not find some and join or advertize yourself to get direct students for tuition. If you can teach Math or any other subject advertise yourself and make money.

Make Money with Tuition

14- Sell Your Hair and Get Paid

It seems a funny way to make money online. OnlineHairAffair.com is a website from which you can make money by selling your hair. It is really a nice and easy way or making money online. You can make your hair grow up and sell them when they reach at least 10 inches. It seems funny but you can make more than $400 from you healthy hair.

Sell Your Hair and Get Paid

To sell your hair you can join the site OnlineHairAffair.com and put your hair in the listings. It is tough to cut long hair but if you get more than $400 dollars you may think about it.

15- Make Money from Product Reviews

If you got a good typing speed and can give quick reviews about a product you can make money online with a few websites that pay for giving reviews. Ciao.com, epinions.com, ukritic.om or reviewstream.com are the websites that pay you for writing product reviews. You earn affiliate commission for writing product reviews on these websites.

Make Money from Product Reviews

So it is a very good way to earn money online for writing. You have to be good writer to make money online with writing product reviews.

16- Earn Money from a Blog

Start making money online with your blog. It is not an easy job or a quick making money method but if you work hard you can make huge income with your blog. There are many blogger who are making $10 daily with Google Adsense. See more information about what is Google Adsense? There are many ways you can make money with your blog the best and most famous is by putting ads on you blog.

Earn Money from a Blog

Make a blog with many free online blog making programs like Google’s Blogger or Blogspot. It is one of the most famous and best in many ways and it is free with unlimited bandwidth and space. Learn how to make a website and how to get more traffic to your blog to earn more money.

17- Make Money from Your Pictures

We have discussed that you can make money with your selfies. There are many other websites that buy pics from users. You can sell your digital photos to shutterstock.com, crestock.com, 123rf.com, fotolia.com or dreamstime.com and get paid for you pictures.

This is best for photographers to make money online with images. It needs just a good camera and good photographic sense and you can make decent money online.

18- Join Focus Group and Earn Money

By joining a focus group you can earn money. It is another way you can make money online. Many organizations are always looking for participants to join. Just search a focus group and join it follow the steps and guide lines and you will be paid. Just use search engines like Google to search for a focus group and join it. Type “focus groups London” for London focus groups change the city name with your and you will get focus groups of your city.

19- Make Money with Your iPhone

There are many iPhone apps that are paying you for using and doing some stuff. Gigwalk and CheckPoints are one of those app who pay you for doing stuff like taking your picture drinking a star bucks, taking a pic of a menu. You can very a road is closed and you will be paid. If you want to find more about these apps search in Google for more information.

Make Money with Your iPhone

20- Become an English Teacher Online

English is everywhere in every country and there are huge community of learners of English. If you have good English skills and you can teach online then visit websites like Italki.com and earn money by teaching English online.

Become an English Teacher Online

Italki.com is a website that works like a virtual online classroom for students and freelancer teachers. The teachers can offer lessons and set prices for their lessons. On the other hand students can take lessons for paying the amount set.

Today we have shared 20 unique ways to make extra money online. You might enjoy reading this article and list of ideas to make money online. Previously we have discussed 10 creative ways to earn money online. To see more ideas and methods keep on visiting us.

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