12 Ways How to Drive Traffic From StumbleUpon

how do you use stumbleupon

How to Use StumbleUpon to Get Traffic

Social media is one of the key factors to get traffic to any blog or website in these days. As the world is shifting from organic search to social media search it is really important for every blogger to work on social media site. We have discussed in our previous articles that how you can get more traffic from Twitter and how to get huge amount of traffic from Facebook as well.

how do you use stumbleupon

Today we are going to tell you that how to get traffic from StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon.com is one of the big social media website in these days. It is get more and more fame every day as it is easy and a very good tool to check various sites of your interest.

Stumbleupon is also a content curator website like Scoop.it. We have discussed about how to get traffic from Scoop.it in our previous posts. StumbleUpon is one of the ways to get instant traffic to you website or blog. It works in a simple and easy way to understand.

Understand StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is big collection of the best pages from various websites. You can like pages after logging in StumbleUpon and now the community can see your liked pages. Users can use StumbleUpon on mobiles and desktops.

It has over 26 million users and still growing very rapidly. A page that is shared and bookmarked it can get 190+ visits every month. It can get more if you have got good amount of followers on StumbleUpon.

There are many interests that can help you find you choice of page and post your page to the relevant interest. It asks you to give some tags while submitting a page on StumbleUpon. There are many interests that you can Stumble and like or dislike the page.

StumbleUpon lets you to add your webpages and share with a huge amount of users and get instant traffic to your website. Here we are going to discuss some steps to follow to get more traffic to you website from StumbleUpon.

how to get more followers on stumbleupon

How to get traffic from StumbleUpon?

There are so many pages shared on StumbleUpon every day. The most suitable with the help of StumbleUpon ranking criteria are served first. Optimized pages get more traffic from StumbleUpon, so try to optimize your pages to get more traffic from StumbleUpon.

Here are some tips that how can you optimize your WebPages for StumbleUpon.

1.- Choose Most Related Interest

Choose the category or interest that you thing is more related to your page contents. It will help users to read the contents of your page. The StumbleUpon can pick the appropriate category according to the contents of your web page as well.

2.- Likes from Popular Stumbler

It is one of the important aspects of getting more traffic from StumbleUpon that get likes by the famous stumbles. It can be done by share your contents and having StumbleUpon share buttons on your website.

3.- Use URL Shortner from StumbleUpon

Shortening URLs are getting very famous day by day. StumbleUpon provides a tool do shorten the URLs as well. It will help you get more traffic from StumbleUpon when you use this tool to shorten your URLs. The link shrink with StumbleUpon also includes a social media bar. This bar has a like an unlike button to help users like or dislike the contents. It allows you to share text up to 160 words.


4.- Make Followers

Followers are the key in every social media website. In StumbleUpon you can get more page views if you have more followers. It sends emails to the followers when you add a page in StumbleUpon. Getting more followers is another good way to get more traffic from StumbleUpon.

5.- Descriptive Tags

StumbleUpon uses tags for listing and they are very powerful. They are very help to get you more traffic to your website. Pick the tags related to your content carefully. It is another way that users can find your contents easily.

6.- Make Lists

Lists are another way to group your pages in StumbleUpon. Create custom lists for your contents and get similar pages together to help users find similar content on one place. The best thing about lists is that users can follow these lists and it will help to get more traffic to your site.

7.- Like Your Shared Pages

Share your contents on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Reddit etc. to get more views on your contents. Try to make your contents more interesting that other would love to share them. If a user shares your page go and like the sharing so the users will help you get more followers and views.

8.- Attractive Titles

Try to make attractive contents that catch the attention of the users. You contents will be shown to the users on their desktops to make attractive titles and descriptions to get more traffic and likes.

9.- Use High Quality Images

Try to include images in your contents that would help your users understand what the content is all about. It will help you in stumbleUpon as well as the picture is shown with the title and description. Include quality pictures to help make your contents more attractive to users.

10.- StumbleUpon widgets

StumbleUpon widget is very good way to get more likes and shares on StumbleUpon. The widget can be added anywhere in your site or blog etc. It would help your site users to follow you on StumbleUpon and share your contents.


11.- Advertise on StumbleUpon

Another quick way to get traffic from StumbleUpon is to get advertisements. It has various packages for users to advertise their contents. It would help you get followers and likes very quickly. It will be more targeted traffic and will be of a high quality.

12.- Stumble and Like Other Pages

Time matters a lot on almost all the big social media sites. Try to stumble more and more and like other pages of your interest. They pages that are posted by others will help you cause when you like them. The system of StumbleUpon will record your likes and will show that kind of pages to you. On the other hand your pages will be shown to those who have similar interests.

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