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White hat SEO is what SEO is all about today. There are many techniques and strategies coming everyday to improve your website/blogs SEO. Today we are going to give 12 important SEO factors to improve your website’s traffic. These steps are valuable for both new website and for established website.

most important seo factors howtocode.pk

Google slaps are very hurting when you suddenly see your site nowhere on Google or far behind the first page. This kind of traffic lost is caused mainly due to Google farming algorithms. Google provides farming updates like Panda, Penguin and EMD etc. to maintain its modesty in the search results.

You have to maintain the quality of your contents otherwise Panda and Penguin updates will be going to slam you down. To deal with this kind of situation you have to get high quality back links and good articles. Follow the 12 important factors to improve your site’s SEO.

12 Important SEO factors:

Webmaster Tools:

Google Webmaster tool is one of the necessary tool to run a website properly. It helps you to make necessary changes to your website for better search results. It helps you to get problems solved before they damage your website big time. It is good for your website health to continuously monitor your Webmaster tool.

Google Webmaster Tools

Traffic From Bad Sources:

You should always look at the sources of your website traffic. If you are getting traffic from a bad source you may have a bad effect of this spam traffic. Search for unknown sites in Google as they are not spam sites or find in forums and blogs to know about the reputation of a site.

Spam Comments:

Spam Comments

Comments are considered good for a website if they are genuine and real. On the other hand spam comments are really bad for your website health. You can judge spam comments from their emails and their contents. If the comment is not related to your contents why should you have this comment? Google will slap comments with similar contents on many sites and the sites that have these comments. Try to use Akismith or GASP to filter out comments and after this filter them by you as well. You can use Facebook or Twitter comment blocks to comment on your site for more security.

Duplicate Contents:

duplicate contents

Duplicate contents are a serious issue as I was penalized for giving duplicate titles in my first blog. You have to consider it seriously; for every content of your website. Your titles, descriptions and even meta contents should not be similar to each other. Change title and meta tag for every page if you are using the same title or meta tag change it as soon as possible otherwise Google will slap you down.

Duplicate Tags/Too many tags:

Too many tags can cause you trouble in Google. If you put too many tags in your post it means unlimited number of pages with ungrouped content. You should not be using 3-5 tags for a 1000 words article. This may help you not to be banned by Google at least. Don’t confuse search engines by putting too many tags in one post.

Ads on top of the page:

Try to not show above the fold ads on your site. It is not a good practice and Google will not like it. The above fold area is the top of your page. You need not display more ads there than required. Some people try to use big ad blocks at the top of the page or start of the post it is not good for your site at all.

If you want to use ad blocks at the top of the post use the small ad blocks like 250 x 250 instead of 336 x 250. It will be good for your website SEO.

Malware Protection:

Webmaster tool is very important for a website for checking various problems that Google finds in a site. Check your Google Webmaster regularly for malware issues and take proper actions against that issue. Otherwise you would be Red Marked by Google. If this happens than it is really hard to come back.

Malware protection

Google sends a warning, if it finds any malware in a website, to the owner of the website. Take necessary actions if you are given a warning. Try to check your site for errors regularly to prevent your site from malware. Remove the malware affected pages or files as soon as possible to be penalized by Google. Fetch as Google bot to see any malware issue in Google Webmaster tool.

Too Many Interlinks:

Giving links to your own website in an article is really helpful to get more page views and traffic but it should have a limit. Too many links in an article may not make the reader happy. Put your links in your post but not half of your post contains links it might not be good for crawlers as well.

Crawler Issues for Your Site:


Try to analyze your Google webmaster tools account daily. It will tell you about the issues and will give you suggestions to solve these issues. If you have migrated from one platform to the other, do check your links. You might get 404 or 500 errors; these can make Google slap your website.

Page Load Speed:

Slow loading speed can cause a serious issue for your site as well. If your pages are not loading quickly, user will not wait for it because there are so many alternates available. Even Google many send you a message if it finds your site too slow, in your analytic account. Though it is will not make your site to be slapped by Google but you have to make sure to solve it for better user experience.

Paid Links:

Linking other sites and getting payments is not a good practice at all. It can cause you serious problems. Most of the site who get paid links, are spammy sites and sooner or later will harm your reputation as well. You can put a nofollow banner ad on your site but giving a dofollow link is not good for your website.

Reciprocal Links:

Reciprocal links were considered a good back link strategy but not now. It is one of the dangerous things to get back links. These back links can get you banned in Google. Blogrolls were used to get reciprocal links, if you use blogrolls make sure they are not reciprocal.


These are the 12 important factors for better Search engine optimization results for your website. I hope you would follow these steps and give your suggestions and comments. For more Search engine optimization articles please keep on visiting HowToCode.pk.

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