11 Companies to Make $10 per Website Test

Test websites and make money online

Make Money by Testing Websites

Website testing is a very good job from which you can make money online. It is easy and it is free to make money online by testing websites. Your job would to check whether the website is easy to navigate etc. Every website should have a proper navigation for its users to navigate through the contents. There are other things as well that you as, a tester, have to test like if there is any issue in the look and feel of a website.

Test websites and make money online

What Website Tester does? 

Testing software is proper job that many software companies do have. It is a very important job, as the tester has to find the flaws of the software. So as a website tester you have to find flaws in the design and development of the website and give your opinions. Some companies will ask you to install a software before testing a website as it may record your activity. You will be asked to tell about the easy of using the site, its design and the quality of the website.

Make money online by testing websites
What do you require?

The requirements to make money online by testing a website are high speed internet and fast PC. You should speak and write good English as some of the companies may ask you to tell about the site verbally. Some companies may ask you to write a little report after the test so you have to have good writing skills to tell about the website.

You can earn money by testing a website online on many websites. Here are some websites that will pay you around $5-$12 for each test.

test websites and earn money online

11 Company Website to Test Websites and Make Money

  • App.whatuserdo.com: It will pay you $8 for every test and the test will take about 15-20 minutes. Fast internet and a PC or Mac system and microphone with fast internet speed are required.
  • Dreamhomebasedwork.com: This website pays the tester $10 per test. It does not ask you for a webcam. Fast speed internet and fast PC required.
  • Utest.com: You will find a variety of website testing opportunities on this lovely website.
  • Join.youeye.com: This requires a smarphone where you will receive tests with their app. It will pay you $12 for each test study.
  • Enrollapp.com: Become a website tester and get paid for every test. You have to test websites before they are published.
  • Userfeel.com: You will get $10 for every test you make. It is another very good company for online test jobs.
  • Feedbackarmy.com: It pays for website testing but its payment varies. You can find more on the official website.
  • Analysia.com: It will pay its users $10 for each test. The tests will take about 15 minutes to complete.
  • Trymyui.com: It pays $10 for each test and the tests may take 15-20 minutes to complete.
  • Mturk.com: This website also offers website testing and pays in return. The payment is lesser than the other ones we have discussed so far. For more information visit the official website.
  • Loop11.com: This Company pays to website testers about $5 for each test. It recruits members as young as 14 for website testing purposes. You can find more info on the official website.

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