10 Creative Ways to Make Money Online

ideas to earn money without investment

Today we are going to share with you 10 creative ways to make money online. We have discussed various ways to earn money online fast. It included how to earn money from Hubpages and many more. There is no investment needed just follow the steps and make more money online.

creative ways to make money home

There are many ways to make money online for more income. It depends on your interest that what kind of way you prefer to use. All the ways need hard work from you in some cases you may get money earlier than the other ones but you have to be patient most of the cases.

It is matter of your choice to select from these methods to earn money online. They all are valuable and will give you enough money to earn. I know some blogger who are making almost double then their salaries online. It needs good Search engine Optimization techniques and quality contents to run a successful blog.

10 ways to earn money online

Read these 10 ways to make money online fast and tell your friends about these methods it may just change someone’s life. Try to follow the best suited method to your interests and work hard to make money from this method. Let us see what these 10 methods to make money online are?

ideas to earn money without investment

1- Earn Money by Selling Things Online

Selling stuff online is one of the ways to earn money online for free. There are many things for you to sell online like books, videos, music, shirts and your services as well. After selling you can get commission per sale etc. You can get this money via PayPal or Payoneer or through bank transactions.

Selling on Amazon.com: There are many online websites where you can purchase or sell many things like books, magazines etc. Amazon.com is one of the best to sell ebooks, magazines and many other things. Amazon pays you when your amount reaches to at least $10 and you can get your money through PayPal or ACH. Check amazon.com for more details on how to make to sell stuff on Amazon.

Selling on Amazon.com

Sell on eBay.com: eBay is another top website to sell or buy things online. It pays on every sale you make. Make money on eBay by selling your stuff. You can check their website for more details.

Make your own Online Store and Sell: You can make your own online store to sell things of affiliate programs. Make online store with the help of ecommerce software like shopify.com or incomeshops.com etc and start earning money from affiliate programs.

Sell Videos and Pictures: It is another way of make money online for free. You can sell you own videos and photos to various websites like dreamstime.com or depositphotos.com and you can get your money through Payoneer, Skrill and PayPal as well.

Selling Websites and Domains: It is another way of selling things online and making money. You can get website and run it for a few months and after establishing it you can sell it and make a huge amount. There are many websites that are asking more than 500$ and they are less than a year old. There are many websites where you can put your website for sale like flippa.com and namedrive.com.

2- Earn from Affiliate Programs

Promoting affiliate programs is another way you can earn more money online. It gives you the opportunity to earn massive amount of income by promoting affiliate programs.

See the some affiliate programs that can pay you more than $200 per sale:

With these affiliate you can earn residual income as well. It means when you refer someone to an affiliate they pay you for the referral more than you even imagine. There are many programs that pay you for more than year and many pay for the user lifetime as well.

Some affiliate programs are paying more than the others but you can earn a handsome amount if a product is sold by your reference. The best thing about these affiliate programs is that you don’t have to invest anything.

You can earn more than a month’s advertisingEarn from Affiliate Programs of low CPC ad service than just one sale from an affiliate program.

There are many high paying affiliate programs available to join for free. Look at the following programs and join them:

Amazon.com: Here you can sell the Amazon products and get commission for your sales. It gives you 10% commission for every sale and you get you money out when it reaches $10 by PayPal or Payoneer as well. You can earn huge money for you little sales imagine if you refer a person and he buys a $10 book and then an air conditioner of $500 what you will end up earning is $51 for just one sale.

Shareasale.com: It is another very good program and it has two tiers merchant support as well. It pays after $50 dollars.

Cj.com: It is another very good program and it has products from companies like Dell, Acer, GoDaddy and Odesk as well. It pays after $100 dollars.

Clickbank.com: You can get your money when it reaches $10 through PayPal or ACH. It is another very good affiliate marketplace for you to earn money.

Peerfly.com: You can earn up to $150 per action as it is a CPA advertising network. Withdraw your money by using PayPal or Payoneer.

Maxbounty.com: It is quite similar to Peerfly. It lets you promote content lockers, products and surveys with your site or through you social media accounts.

Learn more detailed description about making money with affiliate programs.

3- Make Money from Videos

Video sharing is another very good way to earn money online for free. It is very easy and can give you more than $500 per month but you have to make quality videos that should attract the viewers. There are many tools available to make videos online or by installing the software. You can create videos with you camera as well and then upload them to make money online. There many video websites but here the big ones that pays you more for your videos.

Youtube.com: We have discussed that how to make money from YouTube. It is very simple and you can earn more than $500 per month with you YouTube channel very easily. It uses Google Adsense account to get videos to be monetized. Learn more about how to earn money from YouTube Channel for free.


Dailymotion.com: It is another very big video website. It pays you 70% or what they earn from your contents. I personally know some persons who are making $200 per month with 2 hours of work on DailyMotion. It pays you when your payment reaches $100 or more.

4- Freelance Jobs

Make money with online jobs is a new trend that is going on in these days. There are many online works providing websites which are giving enough work to article writers or website designer and developers etc. There are many categories of work that you can make online quite easily so try to search your type of work job on elance.com, odesk.com, freelancer.com or peopleperhour.com.

There are many freelance jobs available for many categories of work. You can earn money by

  • Writing articles
  • Designing
  • Developing websites
  • Translating Documents

There are many other ways to make money as well just you have to select your field of interest.

5- Make Money from Domain Parking

Domain parking is another way to make money online but it is not free. First of all you have to buy a domain and then put it on parking. It is not free so you have to buy the domain and whenever someone visits your site he will see the advertisements so you will be paid for that. The parked domains are not associated with any web service. So you use your website as a whole for advertisements to earn money online.

6- Earn from Article Writing

Writing articles is getting fame day by day. There are many online works available for article writers. If your English is good and you can write well formatted articles then you can make a huge amount of money easily online. There are many websites that are paying up to $700 per article.

Here are some websites which are paying a lot of money to their article writers every day.

HireWriters.com: It gives you $4.25 on a 700 word article. Visit the website and see what it offers to you.

J.gs: It gives a lot of money to its article writes as well. It pays up to $200 per article to the articles about Linux or FreeBSD cloud hosting etc. Visit the site for more details.

Listverse.com: It pays up to $100 to you if you will create a 10 element list for the needs and requirements of the site. For more visit their website and join to make money with article writing.

Toptenz.com: It gives up to $50 to those who submit a top ten to this website. Details can be found on their website.

fileml.com: You will be paid up to $1000 on a quality article of about 3000 words. See more details on their website.

7- Win Prizes from Online Contests.

There are some websites that give you the opportunity to get a part in the contents. There are weekly, monthly or daily contests that you can get a part in. You can search for these contests and take part in the free contests. Here are two websites that I know that pay you like a contest or as a contest.

Kigged.com: It is an online community blogging website and here you can make up to $10 per day if you are selected as a first most commented user. You will earn $5 if you got a 2nd position and $5 is given to a random user from the top 10 users. The best thing about Kigged.com is that you can get traffic to your website from this site. So it is another very good opportunity for freelancers to make money and get traffic as well.

Freelancer.com: You can participate in the contests taking place in this website. Design a logo and put it in the contest to win up to $500 dollars after winning. For more details you can visit their website.

8- Make Money from Your Websites.

Making money from your own website is one of the leading businesses online in these days. There are many website which are using Google Adsense, Infolinks and other advertizings on their website and earning thousands of dollars per month. We have a little introduction of how to make a website in a previous post.

There are many free online blog making platforms available. The most famous free online blog making platforms are Blogger from Google, WordPress, Weebly etc. They are easy to use and use and understand. There are many people who are earning $1000 from Google’s Blogspot every month.


Earning money from a website is not a quick earning method but you can earn thousands of dollars if you can bring 20 to 30 thousand visitors per day with Google Adsense. It is not an easy job, but you have to create quality contents and follow Search Engine Optimization tutorials here and you do it for sure.

9- Earn revenue From Social Media Sharing.

There are many websites that allow you to share contents and you will be paid for that. This is free and easy to use method but it is not that fast. You have to work hard to make a huge amount. We have discussed this in more details here How to Make Money For Sharing Content on Social Media.

Make money online from social media

But it is fun and you will enjoy social media and will make money as well.

Make Money from Questions and Answers

It is another easy way to earn money online. There are some websites that offer you ask questions to the community and get paid for that. Here are some websites which are very famous for this:

Webansers.com: It is a website that allows you to make money by asking questions or answering questions. It allows you to put Google Adsense and make money from your ads. Ads are shown 60 times per every 100 views and you get 100% of ad revenue. Visit the official website to get more details about it.

Hubpages.com: It can be a very good source of income for a good article writer. It gives you opportunity to get paid by putting your own Google Adsense, Amazon or eBay ads on your articles. You can ask questions and give answers to earn money. Learn more about how to earn money from HubPages here on HowToCode.PK.

Visit similar websites squidoo.com or Infobarrel and earn money for your writing skills.

10- Work as an Employee for Companies Online

Internet has made working from home very easy for many of us. It is possible for an Asian to work for an American company right from his home or for and American to work for an Asian company from his/her home etc. So working in companies online is not impossible in this world of internet. See websites where will find similar sentences like “We are hiring!” etc. It is not a Freelance work as you will be their employee and will work for them and you would have a boss to deal with.

These were the 10 creative ways to earn money online. We are going to discuss new ways of making revenue online in the future as well. So keep on visiting us for more new ways to earn money online.


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