What is Hybrid Cloud Computing?

What-is-Hybrid-CloudWhat is Hybrid Cloud Computing

What is Hybrid Cloud Computing?

Hybrid cloud services are the combination of both public and private cloud services to perform some specified services within the organization. Public cloud and the private cloud offer different kind of services but the most efficient services are provided by public cloud. It is more cost efficient like the user have to pay on per usage or for the services which he utilized. That is why the organization prefers public cloud for maximization of efficiencies, accuracy and scalability and also for different operations. If the organization only rely on the private cloud the organization will need to integrate the platforms or operations smoothly or can secure the data too.


What is Hybrid Cloud Computing

The following ways are used for implementation of hybrid model:

•    There should be a separate providers of hybrid cloud (includes combined services of public and private clouds)

•    A complete hybrid package should be offered by an individual provider of cloud.

•    The organization that only uses the private cloud must avail the services of public cloud so they would be able to combine both services into their infrastructure as a hybrid cloud.

Practically, an organization uses the services of hybrid cloud for the hosting of E-commerce website within private cloud because it is secure and adaptable, where as the public cloud is more cost efficient but less in concern of security. By preference, an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers like a model of hybrid cloud with the storage for sensitive data of an organization and also it offers the collaboration on documents or planning projects in the public cloud through which multiple users can access them from any location they want.

Hybrid hosting or hybrid cloud services offer the following features and benefits:

•    Adaptability or Scalability: Although the private cloud provides the security and scalability in infrastructure or in physical resources provide by it internally or externally in the organization whereas the public cloud offers the adaptability at a certain level because the resources are used from the larger resources pool or infrastructure. When the organization moves its most of the functions to the public cloud it then reduces the demand of private cloud while getting benefits from public cloud.

•    Efficient of cost: Hybrid cloud provides more economies of scale as the management is centralized and also get the cost efficiencies than private cloud. When the operations of businesses are secure it allows business to save for other sensitive functions as possible.

•    Level if security: The level of security of data and the operations is very high because of the private cloud which is part of hybrid cloud. It fulfills the necessary requirements for handling of data and provides the storage where it needed.

•    Flexibility: For different operations and for more opportunities for different avenues the hybrid cloud provides secure resources and services. It is cost effective and scalable and available at any place where the client needs it.