Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Flash Website Design

4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Flash on Your WebsiteTop 4 Reasons to Avoid Flash Website Design

Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Flash Website Design

Flash websites are famous for their attractive designs and flash animations. The flash animations were also very popular in web development and they were used in websites quite often to get more user attraction. Flash website designs can be highly attractive and appealing in appearance because of animations with sound and their vector graphics. The Flash websites require less coding as many of the things are done by animations and images.

The flash websites have these benefits and there is a list of disadvantages as well. In these days flash websites are not so popular why, we are going to discuss some of the main disadvantages of using flash or flash websites.

4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Flash on Your Website

Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Flash Website Design

Flash Websites Lack Security

Security is a big issue in these days for everyone including the website owners. There are many news of websites been hacked go across every month. The flash websites lack security. The most common security vulnerabilities, that a flash website has, are executable code, cross-site scripting, overflow and denial of services.  You may have heard about people who have disabled flash in their browser due to malicious code that can be transferred through it. So you have to be very careful from the flash.

Loading Time is Comparatively Slower

The fast a website is the more it is considered as user friendly. Average user spends almost less than 20 seconds reading a web page before leaving. If a page is too slow and loading time is more than 20 seconds there more chances that the user will not stay and wait for the page to load. So the load time is an important aspect of keeping your users intact.

One of the main disadvantages of the flash websites is that they take more time to load than a normal HTML or HTML5 website(Learn How to make a website). So this is why flash websites are not that famous in these days.

Limited Cross-Platform Support

The flash platform lacks the cross platform support. Flash websites cannot render of Apple’s mobile devices no that is a big disadvantage that flash websites have. Flash websites have an issue with tablets as well as they consume more battery power at a much higher rate in comparison with the other websites. Flash websites consumes more memory as well.

Complicated to update

Flash websites are hard to update even for the experts and almost impossible for those who don’t know much about web development. So if you compare flash websites with other content management systems like WordPress and Joomla etc. they are more fast and easy to update.