what is the meaning of http

What is the Meaning of HTTP

What is HTTP or what does HTTP mean in computer science or networking? HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is used to transfer different types of files on internet or World Wide Web (WWW)….

How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows

If you are get a windows error message “USB device not recognized” as you connect your keyboard, mouse, camera or any other device to your PC then this is the post for you. You may…

Benefits of technology in education

Technology Used in Education

Technology Used in Education Technology used in education has so much use in education and the regular household work in these days. Technology not only improving education it also a need for revolutionizing education for…

importance of technology in education

The Role of Modern Technology in Education

The Role of Modern Technology in Education Modern technology is just like a backbone of studies in education in these days. The use of modern technology in education has become a center point of different…

importance of technology in education

Importance of Technology and Education

Importance of Technology in Education Now a day latest technology is working for education, business and every aspect of human life. It has a huge impact on every field. Nobody can deny the importance education…

positive impact of technology on education

How Technology Has Impacted Education

The Impact of technology on education is growing day by day with improvements. Modern world is the world of technology which affects every aspect of our lives. From education to entertainment, romance to business, it…

advantages of internet learning

Internet Learning Has Changed The Learning Process

Now everybody considered that Internet Learning is a normal part of personal and working life. The learning for achievement of knowledge and the learning for job should not be neglected. Internet learning environment is changing…